Treasure Chest

Goldmine Soul Supply Series (1991-2006)

200 Volumes fully tagged @ 320kbs w/ scans

This is easily one of the best compilation outfits to emerge out of the UK's northern soul scene. Their series is largely focused on Northern Soul (with heavy emphasis on the Motor City) and features a fair amount of repeat tracks throughout. However, there is also healthy fixings of modern soul, crossover and funk! And unlike many other anthology's out of the UK, it at least touches on some west coast rhythm 'n blues, deep soul and southern soul gems. This series is consistently formatted, accurately tagged and includes complete artwork  ~ enjoy.

GSCD 001 - The Essential Northern Soul Story
GSCD 002 - The Essential Modern Soul Selection
GSCD 003 - The Essential Detroit Soul Collection
GSCD 004 - The Essential Sweet Soul Selection
GSCD 005 - The Essential Mellow Groove
GSCD 006 - Ultimate Girl Groups
GSCD 007 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 01
GSCD 008 - C'mon & Dance, Vol 01
GSCD 009 - Crossover Soul
GSCD 010 - That Beatin' Rhythm (A Collection Of Mirwood Soul Classics)
GSCD 011 - [Jackie Lee] The Duck + Dance Favourites
GSCD 012 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 02
GSCD 013 - S.O.U.L. Sampler #1
GSCD 014 - This Is Northern Soul
GSCD 015 - Modern Soul, Vol 02
GSCD 016 - The Deepest Soul, Vol 01
GSCD 017 - C'mon & Dance, Vol 02
GSCD 018 - [Incredibles] Heart & Soul
GSCD 019 - Detroit Soul From The Vaults, Vol 01
GSCD 020 - Detroit Soul From The Vaults, Vol 02
GSCD 021 - The Lost Soul Of Detroit
GSCD 022 - Nitty Gritty (30 Floorshaking Northern Soul Classics)
GSCD 023 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 03
GSCD 024 - Hot Wax - 70s Soul, Vol 01
GSCD 025 - Southern Fried Soul
GSCD 026 - Groovin' At The Go-Go (The Harthon Collection)
GSCD 027 - Northern Soul Fever, Vol 01 [2xCD]
GSCD 028 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 04
GSCD 029 - Way With The Girls (30 Northern Soul Girl Group Classics)
GSCD 030 - The Detroit Soul Of Popcorn Wylie
GSCD 031 - [Eddie Holman & The Larks] Eddie's My Name
GSCD 032 - The Northern Soul Of L.A. Vol 01
GSCD 033 - C'mon & Dance, Vol 03
GSCD 034 - S.O.U.L. Sampler #2
GSCD 035 - Hot Wax - 70s Soul, Vol 02
GSCD 036 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 05
GSCD 037 - Hot Wax - 70s Soul, Vol 03
GSCD 038 - The Northern Soul Of Chicago, Vol 01
GSCD 039 - The Northern Soul Of L.A. Vol 02
GSCD 040 - Modern Soul, Vol 03
GSCD 041 - The Deepest Soul, Vol 02
GSCD 042 - Big City Soul, Vol 01 (A Collection Of 60's Soul From UA, Liberty, & Minit)
GSCD 043 - Northern Soul Fever, Vol 02 [2xCD]
GSCD 044 - Big City Soul, Vol 02 (A Collection Of Rare 60's Soul From Verve)
GSCD 045 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 06
GSCD 046 - Northern Soul Dance Party
GSCD 047 - Big City Soul, Vol 03 (A Collection Of 60's Soul From MGM)
GSCD 048 - Northern Soul Fever, Vol 03 [2xCD]
GSCD 049 - British Soul, Vol 01
GSCD 050 - Soulful Kinda Seventies (50 Classic Uptempo Movers) [2xCD]
GSCD 051 - The Wigan Casino Story
GSCD 052 - [Parliaments] I Wanna Testify (A Historic Compilation Of Vintage Soul)
GSCD 053 - The Solid Hitbound Story
GSCD 054 - [Bob & Earl vs Olympics] Dancetime
GSCD 055 - The Thelma Records Story
GSCD 056 - The Groovesville Collection (Rare Detroit Soul From The 60's)
GSCD 057 - Modern Soul, Vol 04
GSCD 058 - Out On The Floor
GSCD 059 - Popcorn's Detroit Soul Party
GSCD 060 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 07
GSCD 061 - The Golden Torch Story (A Collection Of 30 Classic Soul Shakers)
GSCD 062 - Northern Soul Golden Memories, Vol 01
GSCD 063 - The Northern Soul Of Swan
GSCD 064 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 08
GSCD 065 - Big City Soul, Vol 04 (60 Northern Soul Classics) [2xCD]
GSCD 066 - The Twisted Wheel Story
GSCD 067 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 09
GSCD 068 - The Blackpool Mecca Story
GSCD 069 - Thelma's Detroit Collective
GSCD 070 - Totally Solid Hitbound
GSCD 071 - The Northern Soul Of Chicago, Vol 02
GSCD 072 - The Wigan Casino Story (...Continues)
GSCD 073 - Backdrop
GSCD 074 - Northern Soul Fever, Vol 04 [2xCD]
GSCD 075 - A Treasure Chest Of Northern Soul (30 Legendary Tracks)
GSCD 076 - Northern Souls Diamonds & Pearls
GSCD 077 - Northern Soul Time (60 Tracks Of Vintage Northern Soul) [2xCD]
GSCD 078 - Modern Soul, Vol 05
GSCD 079 - British Soul, Vol 02
GSCD 080 - Independent Soul (14 Hard To Find Tracks From The 80's)
GSCD 081 - Soothers & Movers
GSCD 082 - Modern Soul, Vol 06
GSCD 083 - The Roots Of Northern Soul
GSCD 084 - Come Go With Us
GSCD 085 - Out On The Floor Again
GSCD 086 - The Cleethorpes Story
GSCD 087 - Groovesville Review, Vol 02
GSCD 088 - Northern Soul Satisfaction
GSCD 089 - Wigan Forever
GSCD 090 - The Wigan Casino Story (The Final Chapter)
GSCD 091 - Trippin' On Northern Soul
GSCD 092 - The Golden Torch Revisited
GSCD 093 - The Magic Of Detroit
GSCD 094 - Northern Soul Lost & Found, Vol 01
GSCD 095 - Northern Soul Lost & Found, Vol 02
GSCD 096 - S.O.U.L. Sampler #3
GSCD 097 - The Sound Of Funk, Vol 10
GSCD 098 - Keep The Faith (Rare Northern Soul Classics)
GSCD 099 - For Millionaires Only, Vol 01
GSCD 100 - Northern Soul - The Classics, Vol 01

GSCD 101 - For Millionaires Only, Vol 02
GSCD 102 - One-Derful, Mar-V-Lus, Northern Soul (30 Rare Dancers From 60's Chicago)
GSCD 103 - Wigan Casino 25th Anniversary [2xCD]
GSCD 104 - Richard Searling Presents 100% Casino
GSCD 105 - The Groovesville Sound Archive
GSCD 106 - Totally Northern Soul, Vol 01
GSCD 107 - Out On The Floor Tonight
GSCD 108 - [J.J. Barnes] The Groovesville Masters [2xCD]
GSCD 109 - [Darrell Banks] The Lost Soul
GSCD 110 - For Millionaires Only, Vol 03
GSCD 111 - Across The Board, Vol 01
GSCD 112 - The Twisted Wheel Story One More Time
GSCD 113 - West Coast Winners
GSCD 114 - Floorpackin'
GSCD 115 - Rare Soul Harmony Of The 60's
GSCD 116 - This Funky Thing (An Extremely Rare 70's Collection)
GSCD 117 - Detroit Undercover (30 Lost 45's From The Motor City)
GSCD 118 - Rare Funk Liberation, Vol 01
GSCD 119 - [Parliaments] Testifyin' (The Mid 60's Detroit Sessions)
GSCD 120 - The Essential Sweet Soul Selection [GSCD 004 ReMastered]
GSCD 121 - Groovesville Review, Vol 01
GSCD 122 - Fantastic Funk, Vol 01
GSCD 123 - Casino Classics (The Forgotten Floorshakers)
GSCD 124 - On The Modern Side
GSCD 125 - Big Top Soul Cellar (30 Northern 60's & Classy Soul Sides)
GSCD 126 - Midnight Brew (22 Stormin' Northern Soul Instrumental Classics)
GSCD 127 - The Northern Soul Of Philadelphia, Vol 01
GSCD 128 - Detroit (The Northern Soul Years)
GSCD 129 - Ian Levine's Northern Soul Memories, Vol 01
GSCD 130 - Groovesville Review, Vol 03
GSCD 131 - Dancin' In D-Town
GSCD 132 - Totally Northern Soul, Vol 02
GSCD 133 - For Millionaires Only, Vol 04
GSCD 134 - Wheelsville Wonders
GSCD 135 - Carla Whitney vs. Albert Jones
GSCD 136 - Kev Roberts Presents 100% Casino
GSCD 137 - Ian Levine's Northern Soul Memories, Vol 02
GSCD 138 - Here Comes The Night Owl
GSCD 139 - For Modern Millionaires, Vol 01
GSCD 140 - Spirit Of The Mecca
GSCD 141 - Allnighter #1
GSCD 142 - The Northern Soul Of Philadelphia, Vol 02
GSCD 143 - Hipshaker
GSCD 144 - Allnighter #3
GSCD 145 - Deep Soul Inferno
GSCD 146 - On Top Of The World...The Stafford Story
GSCD 147 - The Funk Project - How Good Is Good, Vol 03
GSCD 148 - Pop A Groove
GSCD 149 - Funk Superbowl (Super Heavyweight Funk Classics)
GSCD 150 - Allnighter #2
GSCD 151 - The Funk Project - How Good Is Good, Vol 01
GSCD 152 - You Didn't Say A Word
GSCD 153 - The Funk Project - How Good Is Good, Vol 02
GSCD 154 - The Soul Of Wigan Casino
GSCD 155 - The Northern Soul Of Philadelphia, Vol 03
GSCD 156 - Rare Funk Uncovered
GSCD 157 - Chi-Town Boogaloo
GSCD 158 - Casino Classics Two
GSCD 159 - Allnighter #4
GSCD 160 - Tryin' To Make Ends Meet (Rare Vintage Detroit Funk)
GSCD 161 - Have A Good Time, Vol 01
GSCD 162 - The Northern Soul Of Shrine
GSCD 163 - Wigan 30 1973-2003
GSCD 164 - Rare Soul Heaven, Vol 01
GSCD 165 - Wigan Casino Monsters
GSCD 166 - Northern Soul Indemanders, Vol 01
GSCD 167 - Allnighter #5
GSCD 168 - Northern Soul Of Detroit
GSCD 169 - R'n'B Meets Northern Soul, Vol 01
GSCD 170 - Ginger Taylor's Northern Soul Banquet
GSCD 171 - Fabulous New York
GSCD 172 - Across The Board, Vol 02
GSCD 173 - Rare Soul Review
GSCD 174 - Have A Good Time, Vol 02
GSCD 175 - Northern Soul (The Collectors Choice)
GSCD 176 - Twisted Wheel Forever
GSCD 177 - Rare Soul Heaven, Vol 02
GSCD 178 - 45 Phobia
GSCD 179 - Eddy Edmondson's Soul In The Sun
GSCD 180 - The Ultimate Northern Soul Of Philadelphia
GSCD 181 - Northern Soul's Modern Monsters
GSCD 182 - Going To The Go Go
GSCD 183 - Do The Shing-A-Ling
GSCD 184 - Girl Crazy
GSCD 185 - Walkin' The Duck
GSCD 186 - Have A Good Time, Vol 03
GSCD 187 - The Best Of Northern Soul, Vol 01
GSCD 188 - R'n'B Meets Northern Soul, Vol 02
GSCD 189 - The Best Of Northern Soul, Vol 02
GSCD 190 - Northern Soul ... Rare As Hens Teeth
GSCD 191 - The Best Of Northern Soul, Vol 03
GSCD 192 - Beat Ballad Heaven (The Moody Side Of Northern Soul)
GSCD 193 - Rare, Blue Eyed & Northern Soul
GSCD 194 - Northern Soul Of Texas
GSCD 195 - The Essential Northern Soul Of Chicago
GSCD 196 - Northern Soul Southern Style
GSCD 197 - Northern Soul From The Ritz Brighouse
GSCD 198 - Doo-Wop Meets Northern Soul
GSCD 199 - The Northern Soul Experience
GSCD 200 - Rarest Of The Rare Northern Soul

*note1 there are several selections throughout the series that are labelled as 'Volume 1', but never had further editions. Don't rack your brain over it ~ is what it is.
*note2 between GSCDs 141 to 161 , select Volumes appear out of sync in reference to their catalog numbers. It's accurate according to artwork cross-referenced with info @ discogs and other sources.


Tel said...

The Best Soul Collection Anywhere

drhepcat said...

Thanks so much for your largely unheralded work!

Bill said...

NICE! Thank you!

tsi&hrjs said...

Thank you. After years of accumulating numerous defective copies of these, it will be great to have a full set.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much,

MikeC said...

Thanks for your work!

Atomic-Age said...

Thanks a lot. It will complete my serie

Little Bill said...

S13 I have many of them if not all, but thanks for your great job!

Anonymous said...


s13 said...

^^^ but this one .... hahaha ^^^

Davetuba said...

Thanks for posting. I have most, but maybe I'll update as need be. Don't let the bozos wear ya down! Keep on goin'! Thanks Dave

s13 said...


they don't in the slightest. i draw power from there bozoness! a very wise man once told me "you're not doing anything worthwhile, if you're not upsetting some people in the process". i believe that. i also believe there are two types of people ... doers and don'ters. i've chosen my side a long time ago and most of that peanut gallery are on the other.

Anonymous said...

@s13, it's always been a complete mystery to me how and why people get so indignant and even outraged by the offering of free music, let alone free music that has been improved or enhanced by the effort. Can you imagine if they actually used this outrage to right the wrongs around us? You keep doing the great work you're doing. It IS appreciated.

--Muzak McMusics

Anonymous said...

I see that someone said thank you. How dare they? I already said thank you; don't think you can steal my thank you. And they tried to improve my thank you by spelling it correctly?? Satan . . .

Good lord. Is it the lockdown that is deranging these folks or were they already idiotic?

--Muzak McM.

s13 said...

@Muzak McMusics

we are very like-minded i suspect. both your comments ring like an echo of my own thoughts. thanks

Anonymous said...


in the past you,ve done a good job with your posts.
may i ask why you decided to take on the goldmine project now..?
as all this commotion is bewildering a simple music lover of soul.
might calm down the peanut gallery


s13 said...

well Rick,

you posed a civil question in a civil manor so i will indulge.

i used to have this entire series @ 320kbs. i recently lost it and many other compilations due to a hard drive failure. this was literally within the same day or so that ELtel started posting them at TZ. i thought great, i'll just grab those. i'm not ashamed to say that some (not all) were low bitrate and made of files from mixed sources. it's 100% true. because the series was originally re-issued several times, there's several sets of art for nearly every volume. ELtel's shares had mixed art in some.

now, i could have been an asshole and berated ELtel for providing rips below my fussy preference, but that's not me. i simply visited some trusted and generous soulseekers and grabbed every volume in a quality format over the course of a few days. same way i acquired it before. on so many occasions in the past, i would use songs from this series for various projects and think to myself, "i really wish these were all tagged with consistency."

i know i'm gonna be in that boat again down the road so thought i'd just tag em all before filing away on my new hard drive. then i thought, it would be a shame not to share these first, with consistent artwork.

i literally tried to be as subtle as possible about it too, perhaps that's why the header post on a non-descriptive side-bar page is kind of vague and now has been completely misconstrued. i wasn't looking for a pat on the back or a kick in the teeth but here i am again, getting the best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

You do amazing work. Your very thorough and you offer a very detailed history for us all to enjoy. Don't ever let the complainers (as apposed to other adjectives) stop you from your obvious passion. It does not matter one iota if the web has a number of shares that are the same. It adds to the reason these blogs exist and that is to share. I am glad to get the best bit-rates possible, so i look around. I don't complain, I say thank you. Please keep them coming.

Your work is trusted and appreciated. Stay safe and warm.

Anonymous said...

i to have the entire series and all the lp,s which a lot of folks dont know about re the difference in the art work.Perhaps if you had offered to help ELtel with the series this shin dig wouldnt have happened.?
as by his own admission the guy isnt techy minded.


Moe said...

Just keep doing what your doing and ignore the haters. You can't please everyone so please yourself and the people that follow your blog. Thanks for all you do!!

Anonymous said...

Hi S13

What you say in the reply to Rick, seems a valid enough reason to also post them here on your site. Yeah i hate some of the stuff i get down from the net, coz then have to spend time tagging them correctly is not hard to do this before to post it. Yeah i also like 320 but if the album i want is not avialible in 320 will take it in whatever bit rate i can, low being better than not having at all.

I visit here on a regular basis and take nearly all you post and have never been disappointed!! Keep up the good work. Hope your gonna continue posting the gold series as i have many gaps and versions of low quality that i would like to replace.

Hope you will still post on TZ, is not your problem, to many anonymous fools, who only want to stir things up and cause trouble between people. Yeah i post as anonymous on there as i am on here but i always put my name on what i post. Hope you and Eltel can heal the wounds and call a truce, others have made the situation worse!!

Stay safe

pedro B said...

I admit i did grab a few of eltel's even with the low bit rate but hey i'am 10% deaf so it's not a problem i'am easily please, also pleased with what you have posted. i thank you and thank Eltel for nudging you into these post
Just stay healthy and keep safe PEDRO

s13 said...

hi all,
just wanted to say thank you for all the positive, defensive and encouraging comments sent my way, both here and at TZ. it's hard to tell here as i won't publish the vile, nasty, negative stuff, but believe me, i got pounded with hate mail. most of it laughable at best ... if you commented something pleasant and it was lost in the shuffle and not published, my apologies.

i stopped visiting and participating at TZ on a regular basis a while back because of the handful of ding-bats there. they toy with the handful of temperamental cats there and snowball it. then the lurkers who never have enough respect to say thanks, pipe up to jump on their with hunt bandwagon. a bunch of grown-men-babies leading the charge over there. it's a shame because i actually love the site and adore RYP but don't need everyone's life story and drama -- much less to be sucked into it.

i mean, that's why i'm here. doing my own groovy thing on my own terms. i just want the best quality music and the most accurate information about it. oh, and i like to share. especially when it comes to music. in my experience, it usually brings people together and strengthens bonds. people who use music as border will always be a mystery to me. a mystery i gave up trying to solve a long while back. this whole british soul scene snoberry is a classic example. don't get me wrong, i know plenty of hip british soulies -- great people even -- but there are select individuals in those circles who think being part of that movement back in the day entitles them to some unseen badge of honor. maybe it does but here's the the thing, if someone's flaunting that badge and commanding my respect, everything they are/were fades away to reveal an authoritarian. and i f#@%ing hate authoritarians!

anywho, enough about that. i never intended to upset anyone obviously but i meant what i said at TZ (even if i was heated about it). i'm not responsible for how people feel about what i do. i am responsible for what i do and i'm doing the same thing i've been doing for years ... with confidence, not arrogance. there's a considerable difference. i'm gonna keep trucking, if a global pandemic can't deter me, then a blog a bandit and a handful of ass-hats most certainly won't.

love and happiness

Moe said...

Well said!! I think most people that have a blog do it for the music. Its been noted that most people that download don't say thanks or comment at all and i'm sure it get frustrating. The haters do tend to stand out too, but for love of the music i hope you have a "thick skin" and continue on. Thanks!

Tel said...

By The Way I Forgot To Ask.
What Is A Hump Day?

s13 said...


got your messages, almost published.

you ask ...

"your files are at a very good bitrate,as an amateur how do i achieve the same level of consistency i.e.320kpbs 44100 hz 30db 20 khz..whatever that im a bit clueless.i know your busy with stuff but i really would like to have a heads up to achieve this awesome level."

firstly, i'm an amateur and can't tell you a thing about encoding or frequency or any of those things. i source files based on their audibility, not their specs. as a listener, bitrate often matters far less than the medium and its playing condition. the difference between 128 and 320 kbs is a difference of high and low frequencies that are mostly inaudible to many people. why so many make a big deal of this is beyond me. i use mp3's of all bitrates as well as flac, wav, aiff, etc.

the reason my files sound so good is because i source from as many options as possible (regardless of bitrate or format), compare by ear, pick the best option then i still usually clean it up using audacity. cleaning can constitute any number of things and i'll keep those to myself but that's where 320kbs comes in. i export all my edited files as mp3 @ 320kbs from audacity. most are the same going in but not always ... i'd estimate that about 70% of my shares are sourced from legit mp3 @ 320, 20% from wav, flac aiff (HQ rips), 10% mp3 lesser than 320kbs ... ballpark

in short, play with music files in audacity. you can often make vast improvements on old vinyl recordings once you get the lay of the land. hope this was helpful Rick. cheers

s13 said...


'hump day' or 'getting over the hump' refers to Wednesday, traditionally the middle of the "working week" and getting past it. meaning ~ closer to the weekend. the term is commonly used by the north american labor force.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the tips man
i,ll get audacity and have a play then.


Tel said...

Thanx For The New Set & Also The Explanation.
Happy Happy Humpday (Sounds Rude)

Anonymous said...

Sadly tried to dl volumes 1-5 by the mega link.
Says transfer quota exceeded.
Never that problem with the previous hoster.

s13 said...

that's an issue between your browser and mega. or possibly your isp.

most hosting sites have a daily (24hr) limit to free users. i've tested this link and it works fine which indicates to me that you've downloaded something else through mega in the 24hrs prior to this, and their combined mass (megabytes) exceeds whatever the daily limit is there. that would be my educated guess. wait a full 24 hrs without downloading anything from mega, and try it again. i'd be surprised if you have issues.

Derm said...

Thank You. This is great.

interzone said...

Thanks so much!! You rule!!

Carlos Uria said...

Thank you! keep the faith

wkc said...
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JTF said...

Wow... Thank you!

tennessee boy said...

Hello I am surprised to discover the 7 first pink overlay links. Would you have modified something in the files (so I would have to download them again) or is it a bug ?
Great works and big pleasure

s13 said...

@tennessee boy

they're just re-ups ... nothing new added.

Alanmb43 said...

Great stuff, thanks very much. Had quite a bit of this already but many more I haven't.

Oldsoul said...

Thanks for all the great music.Nice listening to the ones you remember,the ones you wish you could forget and the ones that are completely new.

Anonymous said...

many thanks for continuing the shares


SidewaySmileyFace said...

I am so grateful for this share. Thank you. I often dream of the best soul mix in the universe for my HiFi portable mp3 player. Well, this is it. It almost fills a 28 gb sd card and it's got hours and hours of some of the best music ever created. Everything sounds great and it's perfect listening for any occasion. Gratitude.

USMAN47 said...

It's complete and it's wonderful !!!
Many thanks


antony j said...

this has been an epic undertaking! well done, and thanks a lot! A

Anonymous said...

Dozens and dozens of great unknown gems. This is a herculean task making available 200 CDs of this superlative series. Thank You!

la musica e vita said...

Fantastic that you've reached the 200 mark on these. Above and beyond the call of Duty. Definitely a labor of love. Thank you for the great work and your great blog.
I think there might be a couple extra to come? Whatever, thank you again.

Bill said...

A GREAT volume of work!! THANK YOU for sharing!

Oldsoul said...

Amazing,have just finished downloading last volume.Thank you for all the great Soul,such an epic task,have given them there own I-Pod so I can work my way through volume by volume.I'll have to find something else to look forward to each hump day.

JTF said...

Thank you for all your work posting this massive amount. It's done!

Smokey said...

Thanks a lot for this gigantic collection. Very nice work with the scans also!

BillyMac said...

Can't thank you enough, s13. You're my pandemic savior.

kevin said...

Many many thanks for the collection, and all the work you put into it.

dc_animal said...

Thanks for cleaning and uploading this monstrous collection!

Darcy said...

Fantastic Work...Thank You Very Much

muddyw123 said...

Fantastic Job. TX for sharing.