if you're new to this site, it's simple ... Groovy Gumbo is a celebration of classic Soul, R&B, Funk and related genres of the 50s/60s/70s. With each artist's discography (or period of), the idea is to recreate an accurate and chronicled depiction of their original output (ie: 45s and/or LPs), using the best possible source material. High quality digital or CD remasters where possible and my best efforts via audacity where not. The same attention to detail and push for quality sound extends to most of the compilations as well and has become an increasing focus in more recent years. However ... I am but one man. Countless people have contributed to the collections here but between sourcing, filtering, compiling, editing, tagging and packaging these collections and compilations, I really don't have much more left to give at the end of the day. I love making compilations, tailoring these archival collections, sourcing the material and finding the information for the bio's. I do this for me, and only share because I know it would be a shame not to. I don't really enjoy being a 'blogger' or the additional time that come with it. So, in an effort to minimalize the time I spend chained to the computer, I'll be cutting every possible corner in the facilitation process. Begin to think of this place as more like a bulletin board, and less like a blog.

.... keep these 3 "No's" in mind ...

No requests or re-ups by request

Given the lengths I go to, with my collections, I got to dig the music I work with so I don't really take requests. The most commonly requested Re-Ups are collections that are also on my Redux 'To Do' List and I have no intention of re-upping before that process. If you're unclear, 'Redux' means to completely re-do from scratch (as there is always room for improvement). I re-did several collections in this vein last year, and will continue to chip away at the list (which is published below this page). I'll get to them eventually but bear with me, I've got a lot of lists. You'll just have to keep your eye on the sidebar and hope for the best. Don't hold your breath!

No one is responding to your comments. 

Be it the fore mentioned re-up requests, technical queries (informal or otherwise), a friendly compliment, a gentle ribbing or the all out crazies looking for a reaction ... maintaining comments is a distraction I simply don't need in my life. In fact, I stopped publishing comments all together in the autumn and think I will continue to keep them completely private. Positive feedback is always nice to receive, so if you have a Google Acct you can still comment and at some point I will read it and appreciate it, but it will remain between us. Also, I really don't want anyone to feel an obligation to comment; being a gracious recipient doesn't require verbalizing it! The only thing I ask, if you are providing missing tracks/files by way of comments specifically, please use a filehost that lasts longer than a week as I will only be reviewing the comments twice a month moving forward.

No apologies muthahlovers!!! 

I am forever thankful for the wide array of rippers/uploaders across the world wide web! From my fellow bloggers, old timey torrent seeders and soul seekers, to the youtubers, dedicated re-issue distributers and the caring collectors that reach out regularly. So many thanks for your continued assistance! In return, I ask nothing from no one in terms of monetary gain or needless gratitude, sincere or otherwise. I'm only looking for a little peace of mind. Previously, I had been posting 2 times a week with near perfect consistency. Moving forward however, will likely be less so. It's my time, my blog bulletin board, my call. -- take it, leave it, like it, or don't ... that's entirely up to you. Peace.


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