Sunday, 18 July 2021

How Could You Forget Our Love

Got some great deep soul in store for you all in the coming weeks. And I finally got around to putting the REDUX on the heavily requested Irma Thomas collection. Find it in the side-bar.

So obscure and unrecognized that their records are cheap, if you can find them. Despite most soul aficionados and collectors completely sleeping on The Swordsmen, this duo actually doled out some righteous deep and northern numbers. They never had adequate promotion and as result, their career was terribly brief. A bountiful booty long buried in the yesteryears of Ohio!

"Ya'll mothaf&@%ers need swashbuckling!"
Now that I have your attention ... this collection comes in near completion from our patron saint of deep soul, the mighty Sir Shambling and echoes his somewhat recent musings on the outfit. Click Here to go straight to the source for an inside scoop of The Swordsmen and a preview of the treasures buried below.

How Could You Forget Our Love is the whole enchilada; both albums and all the 45 sides / versions in one tight package. All files chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. Thanks of course to our generous benefactor, Sir Shambling. Enjoy!

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