Tuesday, 9 February 2021

No! No! No!

Good news folks! I will soon be picking up where I left off. However, moving forward from here on out, I will be doing things a little differently. 

I love making compilations, tailoring these archival collections, sourcing the material and finding the information for the bio's. I do this for me, and only share because I know it would be a shame not to. I don't really enjoy being a 'blogger' or the additional time that come with it. So, in an effort to minimalize the time I spend chained to the computer, I'll be cutting every possible corner in the facilitation process. Begin to think of this place as more like a bulletin board, and less like a blog.

No .... more requests or re-ups by request. You'll just have to keep your eye on the 'REDUX /// RE-UP' section on the sidebar and hope for the best. Don't hold your breath!

No .... more responding to comments of any kind. Maintaining comments is a distraction I don't need. I stopped publishing comments in the autumn and will continue to keep them completely private. If you have a Google Acct you can still technically comment but it will remain between us.

No .... apologies!!! It's my time, my blog bulletin board, my call. For more specifics about the way forward, please refer to THE FIRST PAGE on the sidebar.

With that said, I would like to say thank you to all the people who left words of kind sentiment in my absence and have been nothing but a positive presence on this site since your arrival. You all know who you are! Expect to see a new post within the week .... in the meantime, enjoy one of my Redux collections, the hidden gold of the Treasure Chest or take advantage of  the GroovyGumboComps (100+) Page that provides quick access to the complete Deep Dish DelicaciesO-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!, Darling Dear, New Recipes, the original Gusto's Groovy Gumbo and other compilation anthologies.

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