Friday, 31 May 2019

Put Your Weight On It

I know a few of you have been eagerly awaiting this one and I'm excited to finally roll it out. The one, the only ... NOLA super-star, Johnny Adams! I'd be astonished if anyone visiting this site was a stranger to Adams, so I'll dispense with my introductory opinions and just get right to it.

Adams was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the oldest of 10 children. He became a professional musician on leaving school. He began his career singing gospel with the Soul Revivers and Bessie Griffin's Consolators, but crossed over to secular music in 1959. His neighbor, the songwriter Dorothy LaBostrie, supposedly persuaded him to start performing secular music after hearing him sing in the bathtub. He recorded LaBostrie's ballad "I Won't Cry" for Joe Ruffino's Ric label. Produced by the teen aged Mac Rebennack (later known as Dr. John), the record became a local hit. Adams recorded several more singles for the label over the next three years, most of them produced by Rebennack or Eddie Bo. His first national hit came in 1962, when "A Losing Battle", written by Rebennack, reached number 27 on the Billboard R&B chart. After Ruffino's death in 1963, Adams left Ric and recorded for a succession of labels, including Eddie Bo's Gone Records, the Los Angeles–based Modern Records, and Wardell Quezergue's Watch label. His records had little success until he signed with Shelby Singleton's Nashville-based SSS International Records in 1968. A reissue of "Release Me", originally released by Watch, reached number 34 on the R&B chart and number 82 on the pop chart. Its follow-up, "Reconsider Me", a country song produced by Singleton, became his biggest hit, reaching number 8 on the R&B chart and number 28 on the pop chart in 1969. Two more singles, "I Can't Be All Bad" and "I Won't Cry" (a reissue of the Ric recording), were lesser hits later the same year, and the label released an album, 'Heart & Soul'. Adams left SSS International in 1971 and recorded unsuccessfully for several labels, including Atlantic, Ariola, Hep' Me and others over the next decade. At the same time, he began performing regularly at Dorothy's Medallion Lounge in New Orleans and touring nightclubs in the south. In 1983, he signed with Rounder Records, for which he recorded nine critically acclaimed albums produced by Scott Billington, beginning with From the Heart in 1984. These records encompassed a wide range of jazz, blues and R&B styles and highlighted Adams's voice. The albums included tributes to the songwriters Percy Mayfield and Doc Pomus. The jazz-influenced Good Morning Heartache included the work of composers like George Gershwin and Harold Arlen. Other albums in this series are Room with a View of the Blues (1988), Walking on a Tightrope (1989), and The Real Me (1991). These recordings earned him a number of awards, including a W.C. Handy Award. He also toured internationally, with frequent trips to Europe, and worked and recorded with such musicians as Aaron Neville, Harry Connick Jr., Lonnie Smith, and Dr. John. Adams  died in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1998 after a long battle with prostate cancer.

Put Your Weight On It is by no means the complete Adams collection. However, it is to the best of my knowledge, the complete studio works between 1958 and 1986. Seven LP's including his rare Hep' Me releases, a complete collection of 45s and a handful of rare and unissued recordings. All files chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. I'd been holding off for one of the LPs and a half dozen single sides that I was missing and would very much like to thank @hwolf and @sirshambling (by way of @imnokid) for sharing them with me. enjoy!

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

GGG Presents Deep Dish Delicacies Vol. 19

Back on track today with the latest installment of impassioned soul balladry by way of our Deep Dish Delicacies series. As per usual, a gradient blend of heavy hitters and hidden gems. Obviously a little biased but I do believe this is one of the best to date. Befittingly I've got a really great post prepared for the weekend but let this butter your toast until then my friends.

GGG Presents Deep Dish Delicacies Vol. 19

01. Percy Sledge - 1969 - Bless Your Little Sweet Soul (Atlantic 2594)
02. Marvin L Sims - 1969 - Danger (Revue 11038)
03. Robbie Mitchell & Darryl Patterson - 1969 - I Lost My Love (Tangerine 990)
04. Bill Locke - 1968 - Someone To Take Your Place (Fraternity 1008)
05. Willie West - 1967 - Did You Have Fun (Deesu 314)
06. Nelson Sanders - 1966 - Tired Of Being Your Fool (La Beat 6608)
07. Little Milton - 1966 - Believe In Me (Checker 1149)
08. Little Buster - 1965 - I Knew It All The Time (Jubilee 5510)
09. Irma Thomas - 1965 - You Don't Miss A Good Thing (Until It's Gone) (Imperial 66095)
10. The New Yorkers - 1965 - You Should Have Told Me (Tac-Ful 101)
11. Johnny Daye - 1965 - Marry Me (Jomada 600)
12. Winfield Parker - 196? - Wondering (Ru-Jac Unissued)
13. Grover Mitchell - 1964 - What Happened To You (TCF 09)
14. Dorothy Williams - 1964 - Closer To My Baby (Volt 118)
15. Syl Johnson - 1962 - Please, Please, Please (Federal 12476)
16. Donnie Elbert - 1962 - Set My Heart At Ease (Parkway 844)
17. The Five Bosses - 1962 - I Don't Want To Leave You Baby (Counsel 117)
18. Lenny Curtis - 1963 - Who You Gonna Run To (End 1127)
19. Clarence Williams - 1963 - I Know It's True (Tina 101)
20. Bobby Long - 1964 - Just For A Day (Skymac 1007)
21. Sherman Evans - 1964 - In My Heart (Manco 1062)
22. Bob & Earl - 1964 - Baby I'm Satisfied (Chene 103)
23. Jackie Hunt - 1964 - Security Of Love (Jet Stream 702)
24. Barbara & The Browns - 1964 - In My Heart (Stax 158)
25. Danny White - 1965 - Can't Do Nothing Without You (Frisco 112)


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 08

A day late and a few dollars short due to a much needed and impromptu getaway. A belated thanks for all the wonderful feedback on my previous post, wasn't sure it would go over too well. Now back to another installment in our One n Only's, One-Offs and Oddities series ....

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 08

01. David Duke - 1971 - Is It Over (Hi 2148a)
02. David Duke - 1971 - Gimme Some Lovin' (Hi 2148b)
03. Ann Alford - 1971 - Got To Get Me A Job (Hy Sign 2111a)
04. Ann Alford - 1971 - If It Ain't One Thing (It's Another) (Hy Sign 2111b)
05. Lloyd Williams - 197? - Standing On The Sideline (Art 001a)
06. Lloyd Williams - 197? - Burning Up (Art 001b)
07. The Fabulous Originals - 1971 - It Ain't Fair, But It's Fun Part 1 (Jewel 923a)
08. The Fabulous Originals - 1971 - It Ain't Fair, But It's Fun Part 2 (Jewel 923b)
09. Buck & The Sixteenth Movement - 1973 - Trust Me This Night (Supreme 1002a)
10. Buck & The Sixteenth Movement - 1973 - Fool, Fool (Supreme 1002b)
11. Gloria Williams - 19?? - A Woman Only Human (Downtown 002a)
12. Gloria Williams - 19?? - Sister Funk (Downtown 002b)
13. World Wonders - 1974 - Funky Washing Machine (Alarm 21644a)
14. World Wonders - 1974 - Flip A Coin (Alarm 21644b)
15. Eugene Kemp - 1975 - No Pity In The City (Excello 2342a)
16. Eugene Kemp - 1975 - The Power Is Gone (Excello 2342b)
17. LRL & The Dukes - 1975 - I've Got To Tell You [w Count Willie] (Minaret NR6156a)
18. LRL & The Dukes - 1975 - Double Funk [inst] (Minaret NR6156b)
19. Eddie Hazel - 1977 - California Dreamin' [voc] (Warner Bros. WBS 8425a)
20. Eddie Hazel - 1977 - California Dreamin' [inst] (Warner Bros. WBS 8425b)
21. The Grooms - 197? - I Deserve A Little Bit More (Shiptown CA004a)
22. The Grooms - 197? - Slow Down (Shiptown CA004b)
23. Miss Soul - 1971 - Payback (Lewis 52804a)
24. Miss Soul - 1971 - What If It Happens To You (Lewis 52804b)
25. Jerry Ford - 19?? - Your Love (Double B 101a)
26. Jerry Ford - 19?? - Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild (Double B 101b)


Saturday, 25 May 2019

GGG Presents New Recipes Volume 02

Back in late 2017 / early 2018 I made my first deviation from the Gusto's Groovy Gumbo / Gospel series' and dropped New Recipe's ... a collection of recent or current soul, r&b, funk . That post has continued to irk me to this day as it stands as the lone posting that not a one has ever commented on. Taking that silence to mean that no one was interested in further volumes, I shelved the series and have since moved on to the Grab Bag, Deep Dish and O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah series'. However, I had a hankering to make another New Recipe's playlist recently and hot damn, it's smoking! A well rounded blend of soul survivors and soul revivers, with new compositions and a number of re-cut classics. The bulk of these cuts are straight up soul senders though the volume does touch on some funk, afro-funk, soul jazz and soulful blues crossovers.

All tracks released within the past two and a half years. I brought up my posting for the first volume to double check that there were no repeats and lo and behold, the link was still active. Meaning that despite the lack of comments, people have downloaded it and it continues to get hits so I guess there is in fact interest. On that note, long overdue and out of left field, here's ....

GGG Presents New Recipes Volume 02

01. Charles Bradley - 2018 - I Feel A Change
02. Lee Fields & The Expressions - 2019 - Love Prisoner
03. Ural Thomas & The Pain - 2018 - You Care Very Little
04. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics - 2018 - I Tried
05. Aiff - 2019 - Mission L'Afrique [inst]
06. Orgone - 2018 - Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
07. Willie West - 2017 - Give It Back
08. Syleena Johnson - 2017 - I'd Rather Go Blind
09. Durand Jones & The Indications - 2019 - True Love
10. Carlton Jumel Smith - 2019 - Help Me (Save Me From Myself)
11. Sunny & The Sunliners - 2017 - Cissy Strut [inst]
12. Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra - 2017 - When We Go Down
13. Elise Legrow - 2018 - Sincerely
14. Jakob Norgren & Big Band Splash - 2017 - That's How Strong My Love Is
15. L.A. Big Daddy's - 2017 - Chain Gang
16. Southern Avenue - 2019 - Savior
17. The Expressions - 2019 - Love Is The Answer [inst]
18. Durand Jones & The Indications - 2019 - Morning In America
19. Mahalia Barnes & The Soul Mates - 2018 - Hard Times
20. Charles Bradley - 2018 - Stay Away
21. Carlton Jumel Smith - 2019 - I Can't Love You Anymore
22. The Soul Motivators - 2019 - Black Rhino [inst]
23. Blue Largo - 2018 - Feeling Good
24. Wee Willie Walker & Bia Marchesa - 2017 - Nobody But You
25. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - 2017 - Just Give Me Your Time


Friday, 24 May 2019

When Midnight Comes

Though her earliest efforts were more of the pop variety and earned her acclaim on the northern soul scene, Sandra Phillips recorded some seriously stylish and risqué southern soul gold that sadly went unreleased for many many years. Fortunately not all treasures remain buried.

Several years ago, when her 1970 LP 'Too Many People In One Bed' was finally released, many soul sites and bloggers ran in depth articles on Sandra Phillips and her history with the albums acclaimed southern soul producer, Swamp Dogg. HERE is a link to the pick of the litter, care of dereksmusicblog.

When Midnight Comes obviously features the long unreleased Canyon LP but also, Phillips' earlier efforts, one additional unissued track and her one-off mid 70s single. Thanks to original uploaders and Derek, enjoy.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

GGG Presents Goodie Grab Bags Volume 22

The only soul I've featured less than Motown on this blog is "Blue Eyed Soul" and that's frankly because it falls incredibly short of the mark for the most part. That of course, is only my opinion but I am entitled to it. That said, I'm not completely impervious to the sub-genre; there was certainly a handful hard-hitters here and there. Today's Goodie Grab Bag is crammed full of some shining examples like Len Wade & The Tikis, Lindel Hill and the Big O's protege, Johnny Daye.

Len Wade - Discography 1963-70 [18sides]

01. The Tikis - 1963 - My Bonnie (Minaret 111)
02. The Tikis - 1963 - I Was Doin' Alright (Minaret 111)
03. The Tikis - 1963 - One More Chance (Minaret 115)+
04. The Tikis - 1964 - Popsicle Boy (Minaret 116)
05. The Tikis - 1964 - All That Talk (Minaret 116)
06. The Tikis - 196? - Can't Stop Now (Minaret Unissued)
07. The Tikis - 196? - What Am I Living For (Minaret Unissued)
08. Len Wade & The Tikis - 1964 - Valley Of Tears (Minaret 118)
09. Len Wade & The Tikis - 1964 - Travelling Shoes (Minaret 118)
10. Len Wade - 1965 - The Night The Angels Cried (United Artists 891)
11. Len Wade - 1965 - Don't Put Me On (United Artists 891)
12. Len Wade - 1966 - Which Way Do I Go (United Artists 987)
13. Len Wade - 1966 - Boss Beat (United Artists 987)
14. Len Wade - 1966 - Whatcha Gonna Do (Dial 4047)
15. Len Wade - 1966 - It Comes And It Goes (Dial 4047)
16. Len Wade - 196? - Everybody's Clown (Dial Unissued)
17. Len Wade - 1970 - Precious Memories (SSS Int. 818)
18. Len Wade - 1970 - Do Lord (SSS Int. 818)

Lindel Hill - Discography 1966-69 [7sides]

01. Lindell Hill - 1966 - Crush On You (Bright Star 144)
02. Lindell Hill - 1966 - Ain't Got The Time (Bright Star 144)
03. Lindell Hill - 1968 - Remone (Arch 1302)
04. Lindell Hill - 1968 - Used To Be Love (Arch 1302)
05. Lyndon - 1969 - I Love My Baby (Hi 2162)
06. Lyndon - 1969 - The Very First Time (Hi 2162)
07. Lyndon - 1969 - Love Map (Hi Unissued)

Johnny Daye - Discography 1965-68 [12sides]

01. Johnny Daye - 1965 - I'll Keep On Loving You (Blue Star 230)
02. Johnny Daye - 1965 - One Of These Days (Blue Star 230)
03. Johnny Daye - 1965 - Marry Me (Jomada 600)
04. Johnny Daye - 1965 - Give Me Back My Ring (Jomada 600)
05. Johnny Daye - 1966 - Good Time (Jomada 603)
06. Johnny Daye - 1966 - I've Got Soul (Jomada 603)
07. Johnny Daye - 1966 - A Lot Of Progress (Parkway 119)
08. Johnny Daye - 1966 - You're On Top (Parkway 119)
09. Johnny Daye - 1967 - What'll I Do For Satisfaction (Stax 238)
10. Johnny Daye - 1967 - I Need Somebody (Stax 238)
11. Johnny Daye - 1968 - Stay Baby Stay (Stax 0004)
12. Johnny Daye - 1968 - I Love Love (Stax 0004)


Monday, 20 May 2019

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 07

A week or so ago I added some previously missing tracks to a few collections and gave them a bump by way of adding the posts the "***RECENTLY RE-UP'd***" header near the top right. Thanks to a few wonderful friends of this blog, I will be doing the same in the coming days. I mention this for two reasons ... a) to bring your attention to it if you've not noticed the re-up's. b) to express my gratitude towards these generous soulies for said contributions; you know who you are and please know that I and others are extremely thankful for your shares.

Now, for the next installment in our One n Only's, One-Offs & Oddities series ....

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 07

01. Ramsey Sisters - 1964 - It's All Over But The Tears (Smash 1889a)
02. Ramsey Sisters - 1964 - Tell Him Girl (Smash 1889b)
03. The Snapshots - 1963 - That's What I Like (Federal 12496a)
04. The Snapshots - 1963 - I Need You (Federal 12496b)
05. King & The Sharpettes - 1962 - How Do I Stand Today (Aldo 503a)
06. King & The Sharpettes - 1962 - Did He Know (Aldo 503b)
07. Bobby Turner - 1962 - Baby Baby Baby (Decca 31367a)
08. Bobby Turner - 1962 - I Miss You So (Decca 31367b)
09. Little Frankie Edwards & The House Wreckers - 1960 - Sally Lou (Warwick 600a)
10. Little Frankie Edwards & The House Wreckers - 1960 - Trouble (Warwick 600b)
11. Corvetts - 1959 - You're Blue (Moon 100a)
12. Corvetts - 1959 - I'm Going To Cry (Moon 100b)
13. The Tears - 1961 - Hurt (Astronaut 5001a)
14. The Tears - 1961 - She's Mine (Astronaut 5001b)
15. DeVolia Lasane - 1963 - Don't (Take My Love Away) (Path ??a)
16. DeVolia Lasane - 1963 - Flyin' High (Path ??b)
17. Kenny Springs - 1965 - Let Nobody Love You (Spot 1128a)
18. Kenny Springs - 1965 - Nobody Else But You (Spot 1128b)
19. Ray & Dave - 1966 - Wrong Wrong Wrong (Mica 501a)
20. Ray & Dave - 1966 - Six Lonely Days (Mica 501b)
21. Carlson Oliver - 1964 - That's All Right (Douglas 1103a)
22. Carlson Oliver - 1964 - Is It Wrong, Is It Right (Douglas 1103b)
23. Joycelyn - 1965 - Soldier In Saigon [Part 1] (Knite Life 001a)
24. Joycelyn - 1965 - Soldier In Saigon [Part 2] (Knite Life 001b)
25. Walter Foster - 1965 - Your Search Is Over (Loma 2018a)
26. Walter Foster - 1965 - Waitin' (Loma 2018b)


Friday, 17 May 2019

You Better Be Sure

While the bulk of this blog leans heavy on deep and southern soul, I feel I've made a good effort to etch out a few nooks and crannies for doo-wop, funk, northern soul and the sorts, as I appreciate a great portion of it as well. On that note, today we turn our attention to Detroit legend, northern souler Emanuel Laskey! Laskey (or sometimes Lasky) might not have set Billboard’s charts on fire, but who cares. As Clay McMurray stated, Emanuel possessed a special, distinct voice that music lovers in the Motor City adored. Backed by the “finest musicians in the whole wide world” his great recordings resonate four (now five) decades later.

As with just about any credible Detroit artist, has a lengthy, lovely and loaded history archived. Head on over there an savory slice of soul heritage.

You Better Be Sure collects the complete mid 60s to late 70s works, less one 45. All files chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. Thanks to original uploaders, enjoy.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

GGG Presents Deep Dish Delicacies Vol. 18

Went on a little 'Bobby' spree with this one. No rhyme nor reason, just how the ball bounced.

GGG Presents Deep Dish Delicacies Vol. 18

01. Percy Wiggins - 1967 - They Don't Know (Atco 6520)
02. Bill Wright - 1970 - You're The Only Thing I've Got Going For Me (Tragar 6819)
03. Marion Black - 1971 -  You're Not Alone (Prix HSI-7102)
04. Tyrone Davis - 1972 - Was I Just A Fool (Dakar 4507)
05. Donnie Elbert - 1973 - Will You Ever Be Mine (Trip TLP-9514)
06. Loleatta Holloway - 1971 - For Sentimental Reasons (Apache AM 2004)
07. L.J. Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup - 1971 - Let One Hurt Do (Law-Ton 1553)
08. Bobby Bland - 1974 - Cold Day In Hell (ABC ABCL-5053)
09. Geater Davis - 1971 - Best Of Luck To You (House Of Orange 2407)
10. O.V. Wright - 1967 - Eight Men And Four Women (Backbeat BLP-66)
11. Betty Harris - 1966 - What'd I Do Wrong (Sansu 455)
12. Mighty Sam - 1967 - Talk To Me, Talk To Me (Amy 984)
13. The Entertainers - 1966 - I Tried To Tell You (Chess 1951)
14. Don Bryant - 1967 - The Call Of Distress (Hi 2122)
15. Margie Hendrix - 196? - Do Right Baby (Sound Stage 7 Unissued)
16. Bobby Mack - 1969 - Lovin' On Borrowed Time (Midas 302)
17. Bobby Wilson - 1967 - Let Me Down Slow (Volt 144)
18. Bobby McClure - 1966 - I'm Not Ashamed (Checker 1130)
19. Bobby Harris - 1965 - Lonely Intruder (Turntable 716)
20. Bobby Byrd - 1964 - I Love You So (Smash 1903)
21. Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - 196? - I Really Don't Want To Know (Unissued)
22. Oscar & Steve - 1966 - Forever & Always (Soft 1005)
23. Eddie & Ernie - 1965 - Time Waits For No-One (Eastern 602)
24. The Constellations - 1964 - If Everybody (Impel 4344)
25. Wilson Pickett - 1968 - For Better Or Worse (Atlantic 8183)


Monday, 13 May 2019

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 06

Here's some more buried treasures to make your Monday mildly brighter. Enjoy.

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 06

01. The Isonics - 1967 - Sugar (Kammy 369a)
02. The Isonics - 1967 - He Needs Her (Kammy 369b)
03. Gloria Fowler & The Entros - 196? - Will You Be My Guy (C.J. 654a)
04. Gloria Fowler & The Entros - 196? - Train Of Love (C.J. 654b)
05. Lenny Wayne & The Hi Tones - 1964 - That's All I Want To Do (Andre 701a)
06. Lenny Wayne & The Hi Tones - 1964 - You Didn't Have To Laugh (Andre 701b)
07. Billy & The King Bees - 1963 - Bango (Volt 110a)
08. Billy & The King Bees - 1963 - Susie Q (Volt 110b)
09. Pretty Boy Lamar - 1963 - I'm In Love (Cyclone 124a)
10. Pretty Boy Lamar - 1963 - You Are Gonna Be Sorry (Cyclone 124b)
11. Wayman Dixon - 1962 - It's No Fun (Instant 3253a)
12. Wayman Dixon - 1962 - You Put Love On My Mind (Instant 3253b)
13. The Shooters - 1960 - She's Alright (Trans World T-6908a)
14. The Shooters - 1960 - Tuff Enuff (Trans World T-6908b)
15. Matt T.I. Madison & Minit Men - 1963 - Don't Make Me Cry (Ebony EB-1000a)
16. Matt T.I. Madison & Minit Men - 1963 - Please Don't (Ebony EB-1000b)
17. Joe Mayfield - 1964 - I'm On The Move (Excello 2256a)
18. Joe Mayfield - 1964 - How's Things With You (Excello 2256b)
19. Camille LaVah - 1964 - Let's Steal Away (Wax 18a)
20. Camille LaVah - 1964 - O' Johnny (Wax 18b)
21. Reuben Williams - 1965 - Piggy Wiggy (Wild Deuce 1000a)
22. Reuben Williams - 1965 - Half A Man (Wild Deuce 1000b)
23. Leon Byrd - 1967 - I Catch Myself Crying (Sound Stage 7 2600a)
24. Leon Byrd - 1967 - I Got Love (Sound Stage 7 2600b)
25. The Sparkz - 1969 - I'll Show You (Bell 793a)
26. The Sparkz - 1969 - Ain't No Big Thing (Bell 793b)


Friday, 10 May 2019

Hurting Inside

Having only one national hit to his credit, sadly landed Marvin L. Sims in the long list of one-hit wonders. But as is true of most so called 'one-hit wonders' Mr Sims recorded a body of work that should elicit interest well beyond his one hit, as a number of his records were regional successes and a number are excellent recordings eminently deserving of hit status they never attained.

Marvin L. Sims was born on December 11 1944, in Sedalia, Missouri. He graduated from C.C. Hubbard High in 1961, joined the Air Force, and after training in Mississippi was an air traffic controller, he was stationed at Chanute Air Force Base, in Rantoul, Illinois, in l96l. While at Chanute he became part of a vocal ensemble called the Valentinos. The group, which had no relationship to the Womack brothers' ensemble, consisted of Sims, Leroy Lowe, Larry Allen, William Evans, and Grant Ray. The Valentinos won a number of talent shows during Sims' service in the Air Force.  In 1965 Sims finished his Air Force obligation, but before his discharge he had already gravitated to a civilian band in Champaign Illinois, called the Gaypoppers. The band was very much a family affair, featuring among the four or five pieces, the brothers Edward Lane (drums) and Bobby Lane (guitar), and their father John Creen (saxophone). They had been together some time when Sims came in to replace a vocalist they had just lost. Soon after Sims' joining, he brought in an Air Force buddy to play bass in the band, Sidney C. Coleman. Sims with Bobby Lane started writing some songs and in late 1965 made the acquaintance of Marshall Neil of USA Records in Chicago. He in turn brought the pair to Chuck Colbert Sr., who ran some small labels, Tip Top and Nike most notably, and was recording such acts as the Candles, Salvadores, and the legendary Daylighters (which included his son Chuck Colbert Jr.). With Neil, Colbert recorded Sims in Chicago with a band called Bobby Lane and the Wonders, consisting of musicians from the Gaypoppers and another band from Champaign. The first two sides were a Lane/Sims original, "Now I'm In Love With You" and an achingly beautiful rendition of the Donnie Elbert classic, "W'hat Can I Do? "The songs were released on Mellos., a new label begun by'Colbert. The record proved a moderate success in 1966, selling well in a number of markets, chiefly the "What Can I Do" side, and effectively' launching Sims' music career. "The record was pretty big in the South," says Sims. "I traveled about four-five months down there on it." Sims followed-up with a self-composed two-parter "(Nina) Hove You Seen My Boby," in early 1967. The restrained southern-styled arrangements by Lane on top of Sims' down home vocal stylings made for a record with a very strong appeal in southern markets. "Of course you know in those days those kinds of records were only played on black stations," says Sims, "so our drawing market was Chicago, and major black areas, which were mostly in the South. We sold there a lot, partly because Colbert's daughter and son-in-law, Bob Catron, owned a record distributorship in Memphis. So every time we got a record out, it shot through the south really big. I went through Memphis, Arkansas and those places all the time, every record I had." Sims' next release, 'Disillusioned b/w Hurting Inside', bothe sides Lane/Sims collaborations, hold up well today. Sims next found himself on Detroit producer Ollie McLaughlin's Karen label with 'Sweet Thing b/w Your Love is Wonderful'. The sides were originally recorded by Colbert but ended up with Chicago deejay Lucky Cordell. When McLaughlin came to town to visit Cordell, the deejay played him a tape of the songs. McLaughlin purchased the masters but failed to find a market for them on his Atlantic-distributed label. In 1968, after some three full-time years in the music business, Sims was just treading water, no forward movement. But fortune smiled on him with the next Colbert-produced release, 'Talkin' Bout Soul,' another uptempo composition by Lane and Sims. The brighter arrangements by Lane spelled the difference as much as the distribution on MCA's Revue label. In a letter, Sims says, "one report I read at the time stated that 'Talkin' Bout Soul' sold close to 800,000 copies. However, Colbert Productions and I never saw that kind of return. I do know that Uni/Revue promoted and pushed it nation-wide." The record kept Sims busy: "From 1968 to 1972 I averaged approximately 320 days a year on the road, playing coast to coast in small towns, bars and auditoriums. I played shows with Johnnie Taylor in Rock Island, Illinois; Gene Chandler, Jimmy McCracklin; Martha & The Vandellas; Betty Everett, in Little Rock, Arkansas; Ollie & The Nightingales in Rock Hill, South Carolina; and many other name artists. I went on U.S.O. tours to Guam and the Philippines, and played countless military bases throughout the United States."
Sims followed 'Talkin Bout Soul' with a similar-sounding uptempo number called 'Get Off My Back' in 1969. It just didn't have the hit ingredients, but the flip, 'Danger' is a nice ballady deep soul number. Next came 'It's Your Love', a solid hard-driving number written by Lane that failed to generate much response upon its release on MCA's Uni label in 1970. In 1972 Mercury picked up on Sims' Colbert-produced releases. The first record, 'Dream A Dream' was a truly splendid record. But besides a lot of good airplay and good spot sales, the record failed to chart nationally. The next Mercury record was 'Love Is No Sin' which was not as good as 'Dream A Dream' but a respectable record nonetheless. After that release Sims basically left the music business. "The main reason I came off the road was because we were doing a lot of touring and were relatively successful at the bars and clubs. But we didn't seem to be making much money. The travelling expenses were eating us alive." Sims moved to Iowa and enrolled at University of Iowa earning a masters degree in psychotherapy. He is now working on the staff at the university hospital. - Robert Pruter

Hurting Inside collects the complete works, including Sims' brief return to the studio in 1980. All files chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. Big thanks to @hwolf for the files and turning my ear towards this incredible singer! enjoy.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

GGG Presents Goodie Grab Bags Volume 21

Back to the bi-weekly usual with a Goodie Grab Bag comprised solely of soul sisters...

Lucille Mathis - Discography 1968 [4sides]

01. Lucille Mathis - 1968 - Am I Asking Too Much (A-Bet 9427)
02. Lucille Mathis - 1968 - I'm Not Your Regular Woman (A-Bet 9427)
03. Lucille Mathis - 1968 - Somewhere Out There (A-Bet 9431)
04. Lucille Mathis - 1968 - I Don't Want To Go Through Life (Being A Fool) (A-Bet 9431)

Gloria Walker - Discography 1968-72 [13sides]

01. Gloria Walker - 1968 - Talking About My Baby (Flaming Arrow 35)
02. The Chevelles - 1968 - The Gallop (Flaming Arrow 35)
03. Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - 1969 - Please Don't Desert Me Baby (Flaming Arrow 36)
04. Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - 1969 - Need Of You (Flaming Arrow 36)
05. Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - 1969 - Walking With My New Love (Flaming Arrow 37)
06. Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - 1969 - You Hit The Spot Baby (Flaming Arrow 37)
07. Gloria Walker - 1970 - Don't Get Funky (Unissued)
08. Gloria Walker - 1971 - Papa's Got The Wagon (Federal 12566) (People 2504)
09. Gloria Walker - 1971 - My Precious Love (Federal 12566) (People 2504)
10. Gloria Walker - 1972 - Love Is In The Air (Federal 12569)
11. Gloria Walker - 1972 - Them Changes (Federal 12569)
12. Gloria Walker - 1972 - When My Baby Cries (Federal 12570)
13. Gloria Walker - 1972 - Gift Of Love (Federal 12570)

Monica - Discography 1968-7? [6sides]

01. Monica - 1968 - I Don't Know Nothing Else To Tell You But I Love You (Toxsan 102)
02. Monica - 1968 - Won't You Come Back (Toxsan 102)
03. Monica - 19?? - Chauffeur (Unissued) (Athens Of The North ATH001 rel. 2014)
04. Monica - 19??- Hold On, I'm Coming (Unissued) (Athens Of The North ATH001 rel. 2014)
05. Monica - 197? - Freedom (Toxsan 104)
06. Monica - 197? - Sunny (Toxsan 104)

Beulah Palmer - Discography 197? [4sides]

01. Beulah Palmer - 197? - Show Me Baby Part 1 (Bem Sole 1003)
02. Beulah Palmer - 197? - Show Me Baby Part 2 (Bem Sole 1003)
03. Beulah Palmer & 3rd Avenue - 197? - I Cried Daddy Daddy (Bem Sole 1005)
04. Beulah Palmer & 3rd Avenue - 197? - My Man In Vietnam (Bem Sole 1005)

Brenda George - Discography 1971-72 [6sides]

01. Brenda George - 1971 - I'm Not Trying To Make You Pay Pt. 1 (Gator 501)
02. Brenda George - 1971 - I'm Not Trying To Make You Pay Pt. 2 (Gator 501)
03. Brenda George - 1971 - What You XSee Is What You're Gonna Get (Kent 4557)
04. Brenda George - 1971 - I Can't Stand It I Can't Take No More (Kent 4557)
05. Brenda George - 1972 - Everybody Dont Know About My Good Thing Pt. 1 (Ronn 60)
06. Brenda George - 1972 - Everybody Dont Know About My Good Thing Pt. 2 (Ronn 60)


Monday, 6 May 2019

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 05

Most folks don't care too much for Monday, and while I can't blame anyone for that, I'm hoping to change that for at least a small few. In the coming months Groovy Gumbo will greet each week with a new installment in our 'O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!' series; the five O's are a slightly abbreviated acronym for "One n' Only's, One-Offs & Oddities" and this series is just that! A collection of material released on 45s that either represent the artists' lone release or is a one-off collaboration/side project, and/or 45s from more established musicians, mis-credited or credited to a pseudonym. Furthermore, this is not just single sides, every volume will contain a bakers dozen of  both the A's and B's. So as Monday represents equal parts "same old shit" and "new possibilities", this series parallels that sentiment with a familiar format and sound but the promise of new finds for both virtual and literal crate-diggers alike. Enjoy!

GGG Presents O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!!! Vol. 05

01. Duff Thurmond - 1966 - If You Loved Me Baby (New Voice 816a)
02. Duff Thurmond - 1966 - Now That You Left Me (New Voice 816b)
03. Johnny & Jon - 1968 - Christmas In Vietnam (Jewel 776a)
04. Johnny & Jon - 1968 - Why Did You Leave Me (Jewel 776b)
05. Rudi Stewart - 1967 - Baby You Goofed (Uptite 253a)
06. Rudi Stewart - 1967 - A Strong Man's Tears Fall Dry (Uptite 253b)
07. Faith White - 1969 - Manhandle (Columbia 4-45028a)
08. Faith White - 1969 - It's Beautiful (Columbia 4-45028b)
09. Bobby Dixon - 1969 - Woman You Made Me (Probe 455a)
10. Bobby Dixon - 1969 - You Don't Wanna Love Me (Probe 455b)
11. United 8 - 1972 - Getting Uptown (To Get Down) (Atlantic 2896a)
12. United 8 - 1972 - Ain't It Good (Atlantic 2896b)
13. The Brothers - 1971 - Brothers Groove (Columbia MO 1190a)
14. The Brothers - 1971 - Funky Paella (Columbia MO 1190b)
15. L. L. Milton - 1974 - That's All I Need (Interstate95 20019a)
16. L. L. Milton - 1974 - Watch Your Self (Interstate95 20019b)
17. Jimmy Tate - 19?? - Get Some Dues (Mid-Tune M 500a)
18. Jimmy Tate - 19?? - Please Come Back (Mid-Tune 500b)
19. Trudy Johnson - 1969 - You're No Good (Capitol 2631a)
20. Trudy Johnson - 1969 - Your Good Thing (Is About To End) (Capitol 2631b)
21. George & Lee - 196? - Nobody But You (International City 721a)
22. George & Lee - 196? - You Were Made for Me (International City 721b)
23. Lenny Curtis [aka Jimmy Harrison] - 1966 - Nothing Can Help You (End 1127a)
24. Lenny Curtis [aka Jimmy Harrison] - 1966 - Who You Gonna Run To (End 1127b)
25. Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads - 1965 - Blue Groove (Volt 129a)
26. Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads - 1965 - The Big Dipper (Volt 129b)


Friday, 3 May 2019

Twangin' My Thang

Fame Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama became one of the the most popular places for soul and R&B musicians to cut records in the 60s and 70s. While the studio was well run and equipped with the latest recording gear, the reason Fame was popular had less to do with the facilities and more to do with the in-house band. Much like the Funk Brothers, that provided accompaniment on most of Motown Records' classic hits, or the Wrecking Crew, the circle of Los Angeles session musicians who dominated California record-making for decades, The Fame Gang were the secret heroes behind dozens of hit records, creating a sound that earned fans even if listeners rarely knew the names of the people who provided the backing for those hits.

Fame Recording Studios opened in Muscle Shoals in 1961 as a spin-off of a publishing company that worked with future studio legends Dan Penn, Rick Hall, and Billy Sherrill. The first Fame house band featured David Briggs and Spooner Oldham on keyboards, Norbert Putnam on bass, Earl "Peanut" Montgomery and Terry Thompson on guitars, and Jerry Carrigan on drums. Most of the musicians had worked with Dan Penn's group the Pallbearers, and they played on hits for the likes of Arthur Alexander, Clarence Carter, Percy Sledge, and the Tams. Within a few years, this group drifted apart, with many going on to successful careers as songwriters and session players. Rick Hall, who ran the Fame Studios, replaced them with a new band whose members were even more respected. Guitarists Jimmy Johnson and Junior Lowe, keyboard man Barry Beckett, bassist David Hood, and drummer Roger Hawkins developed a reputation as one of the finest session bands in America, and their work on classic sides by Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke, Clarence Carter, Arthur Conley, Joe Tex, and dozens of others led many of the biggest names in rock and soul to come to Muscle Shoals to record. In time, the Fame rhythm section came to realize that they were the draw, not the studio, and in 1969 they left Fame to open their own recording facility, the Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, where they continued to enjoy a long and successful career. When the members of the second Fame house band struck out on their own, Rick Hall organized a new combo, the largest to date. The third Fame studio crew featured Junior Lowe on guitar, Jesse Boyce on bass, Clayton Ivey on keyboards and guitar, Freeman Brown on drums, Harrison Calloway on trumpet, Aaron Varnell on tenor and alto sax, Ronnie Eades on baritone sax, and Harvey Thompson on tenor sax and flute, with Mickey Buckins handling arrangements and production. While the group's primary responsibility was backing the Fame Studio's clients, unlike the studio's other rhythm sections, the third band released records on its own, under the name the Fame Gang; Hall had launched a Fame Records label, and the Fame Gang became one of the label's artists. The Fame Gang appeared on a handful of singles, and in 1969 they released an album, Solid Gold from Muscle Shoals, in which they covered 16 hits of the day. The label quietly faded out in the early '70s, but as Hall began working with pop and country acts, the studio continued to do steady business until health issues led him to step away from the music business for a while in 1976. In 2015, the U.K. label BGP released a collection of the third rhythm section's Fame Gang sides, Grits & Gravy: The Best of the Fame Gang. -Mark Deming [allmusic]

Twangin' My Thang is the complete collection of Hall's third incarnation of The Fame Gang. The LP (1969), all 5 singles (1968-72) and the CD compilation which should really be billed as unreleased recordings, as it is, for the most part. All files chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. Thanks to original uploaders, enjoy.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

GGG Presents Deep Dish Delicacies Vol. 17

I mentioned some changes would be coming this month and today comes the first. Due to Zippyshare being blocked in the UK and now Germany, it stands to reason that more countries will be added to this black-list of sorts. Most other well known host sites do not meet my needs so options are limited here, however, I believe ImageNetz will do the trick and is not blocked anywhere that i know of. The next change comes Monday .... for quite some time I've been posting artist retrospectives on Monday's and Friday's while alternating between compilation series' every Wednesday. Well, the compilations are piling up and my time is wearing thin so I'm switching it up a bit. Starting Monday I will be posting the O-O-O-O-Oh Yeah! series weekly, continuing the Wednesday alternations between the Deep Dish Delicacies series and the Goodie Brab Bag series and posting only one artist retrospective a week on the Friday. All in all, pretty insignificant changes and I hope that Groovy Gumbo will still remain to be a 'go-to' hotbed for your soul satisfaction despite them.
And (for) now .... back to your regularly scheduled programming ....

GGG Presents Deep Dish Delicacies Vol. 17

01. The Commands - 1967 - Too Late To Cry (Dynamic 123)
02. Charles Knight & Group - 1966 - Drip Drip On My Pillow (Knite Life 003)
03. Joe Meriweather - 196? - There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do (Riot-Chous L-256)
04. Jackie Lee & Delores Hall - 1966 - Baby, I'm Satisfied [alt] (Mirwood Unissued)
05. Deep City Band - 196? - Am I A Good Man [inst] (Deep City Unissued)
06. William Bell - 1963 - What'Cha Gonna' Do (Stax S-132)
07. Clarence Reid - 1965 - I Refuse To Give Up (Reid 2744)
08. Shirley Wahls - 1969 - Cry Myself To Sleep (Smash 2205)
09. Bobby Moore & The Formosts - 196? - You've Got To Live For Yourself (Fantasy 585)
10. Roy Abernathy - 1970 - Come On Love Me (Paradox 104)
11. Ollie & The Nightingales - 1969 - A Smile Can't Hide The Heartbreak (Stax Unissued)
12. Curtis King - 197? - You Took The Best Of Me (Ronze 114)
13. The Soul Duo - 1969 - Just A Sad Xmas (Shiptown 131-132)
14. Ella Washington - 1966 - The Grass Is Always Greener (Octavia 0003)
15. Kenny Wells - 1966 - I Can't Stop (New Voice 812)
16. Wilson Pickett - 1966 - That's A Man's Way (Atlantic 2320)
17. Jo Jo Coleman - 1968 - Let's Try It Over Again (Delta 0006)
18. C P Love - 1967 - You Call The Shots (King Walk 569)
19. Freeman Brothers - 1964 - I'm Counting On You (Mala 485)
20. The Mighty Sensations - 196? - Love Where It's At (Thunderbolt 1011)
21. The Checkers - 1964 - Come Back Home (Mercury 72354)
22. Barbara Christian - 1967 - I Worry (Brownie 102)
23. Len Wade - 196? - Everybody's Clown (Dial Unissued)
24. B B Brown - 1967 - My Love For You (Dit Dot 100)
25. Soul Lee - 196? - I Need You (Little Lynn 133-560)