Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Taylor Made

Here's one I've been sitting on for a while now. In fact, this is my very first effort at a rare Discography collection that I posted on TZ last year but was alerted that I was still missing a track. Said track was provided by another kind soulie. I added to my collection and re-tagged but I never got around to posting it ... until now that is.

Gloria Ann Taylor was a stunner from the start. Suffering from rheumatic fever as a child, she was not expected to live into adulthood. She took up singing in her early 20s simply as a means to make ends meet for her family but was discovered by Walter Whisenhunt shortly after. He produced, managed and even married Gloria. These two were a power pair of epic proportions. The introductory singles for King Soul could certainly be considered standard fare (with Gloria's flare) for that time. However, in 1969 as the soul/funk scene was really exploding and moving in experimental directions, the couple moved on to Silver Fox Records and Whisenhunt started to really challenge Taylor with more complex arrangements and songs that showcased her wealth of vocal range. These recordings earned Taylor a Grammy nomination. Into the early 70s Whisehunt really embraced the P-Funk era, layering gritty fuzz laden guitars, exotic percussion, vocal effects, soaring strings and harmonies to create a wall a sound that was finally worthy of Taylor's abilities. The couple moved to California in 73 and recorded with Columbia Records though Whisenhunt terminated their contract due to a lack of releases by the label. The repercussions of this though were the beginning of the end unfortunately. A lack of charting and label interest in these unique compositions essentially ended Gloria's career, the marriage didn't last much longer. Returning to her home in Toledo, Gloria sang at her local church and never recorded or performed again professionally. With the bulk of her material falling into obscurity and I suspect a fair amount never seeing the light of day due to the issues with Columbia it's a little surprising that a re-issued collection (Love Is A Hurtin' Thing) was released a few years ago. It even prompted Gloria to announce a return to the stage but sadly she passed late last year before that came to fruition. The re-issued collection is top notch in ways of production and restoration but it falls incredibly short in the inclusion department and only has about half the available recordings. So without further ado, may I present ...

Gloria Ann Taylor - Taylor Made (Discography 1968-74)

01. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - Poor Unfortunate Me
02. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - You Might Need Me Another Day
03. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - Born A Woman
04. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - Do Your Duty
05. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - You Got To Pay The Price
06. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Loving You And Being Loved By You
07. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Grounded [Part 1]
08. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Grounded [Part 2]
09. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Grounded [Full Version]
10. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Freedom
11. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Yesterday Will Never Come Again
12. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Unyielding
13. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Brother Less Than A Man
14. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Blue Glass Bubbles
15. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1971 - Don't Want To Be A Girl That Cries
16. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1971 - Total Disaster
17. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Deep Inside Of You [7" Version]
18. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - World That's Not Real
19. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - What I Want
20. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Burning Eyes
21. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - What's Your World
22. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Had It All The Time
23. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Jolene
24. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Music
25. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing [7" Version]
26. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - How Can You Say It
27. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1974 - Deep Inside Of You [12" Version]
28. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1974 - What's Your World [12" Version]
29. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1974 - Love Is A Hurting Thing [12" Version]

MP3 @ 320kbs (Label Info tagged in files)

As always ... thank you to original uploaders. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much. Your great taste and attention to detail is wonderful.

    1. well, compliments don't get any shorter and sweeter than that! thank you kindly YB!

  2. Chapeau! What a great job! Thank you.

  3. S13, just taken all your posts back Gumbo 18.Just on a little project myself so I realise the major effort you're putting into what you are posting on a regular basis. RYP & Gyro are doing this every day, where do they find the time? greatly appreciate your huge effort. Many thanks.

    1. It's an enjoyable effort my friend and one I can only afford to do because I mostly work from home and can listen to, research and arrange music while on the clock ;)

      the weekly compilations are becoming an easily manageable task and most discographies posted have been in the works for over a year and will be a bit sporadic ... that said, I have a half dozen more near ready to go (just looking for 1-3 songs for each)!

  4. One of her best songs is World That’s Not Real. Pure magic!