Friday, 30 March 2018

Gusto's Groovy Gospel Volume 03 + 04

Just in time for the holyday's soulies!

2 new Volumes of Gusto's Groovy Gospel. Same funk, soul, r&b mixed bag format we love so much but with focus on the spiritual numbers. Started this series back at Christmas time and excited to pick it back up for Easter. It's a feast ... Dig in and have a good Friday!

Gusto's Groovy Gospel Volume 03

01. Bessie Smith - 1959 - Moan You Mourners
02. The Gospelaires - 1959 - He Heard My Cry
03. Marie Knight - 1957 - I Put My Trust In Thee
04. The Famous Davis Sisters - 1957 - When I Get Inside
05. Prof. Chas Taylor - 1960 - Pay Day (Put Our Time In)
06. Mahalia Jackson - 1961 - I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About
07. Gospel Chimes - 1962 - He Lives In Me
08. Rev. Chas Glover - 1962 - Lord I'm Satisfied
09. Lucy Rogers Singers - 1965 - Man In The City
10. Kansas City Melodyaires - 1966 - Don't Let It Be Too Late
11. The Violinaires - 1966 - Trying To Get Ready
12. The Angelic Choir - 1966 - Wade In The Water
13. Dorothy Love Coates - 1968 - You Don't Know (How Good God's Been to Me)
14. The Staple Singers - 1969 - We'll Get Over
15. Myrna Summers - 1970 - God Gave Me A Song
16. The Salem Travelers - 1970 - The Children Goin' Astray
17. Supreme Angels - 1971 - Lord, You've Been Good To Me
18. Delia Gartrell - 1971 - See What You Done Done (Hymn No.9)
19. Gospel Hi-Lites - 1972 - One More Time
20. King Hannibal - 1972 - The Truth Shall Make You Free
21. The Brockingtons - 1972 - Jeremiah
22. Pilgrim Outlets - 1974 - Where Could I Go
23. The Ziontones - 1974 - There's Hope Ahead
24. The Victory Travelers - 1975 - Power Lord

Gusto's Groovy Gospel Volume 04

01. The Meditation Singers - 1967 - I've Done Wrong
02. Jean Austin - 1967 - I Don't Have To Worry
03. Willing Four - 1967 - We Don't Love One Another (192kbs)
04. Supreme Angels - 1966 - You Can't Hurry God
05. Marlena Shaw - 1966 - Let's Wade In The Water
06. Ruth Brown - 1962 - Walk With Me Lord
07. The Kelly Brothers - 1961 - He's The Same Today
08. R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders - 1962 - Somebody
09. The Famous Davis Sisters - 1962 - Tired
10. The Staple Singers - 1963 - I'm So Glad
11. Wright Specials - 1963 - Ninety-Nine And A Half Won't Do
12. The Original Ensemble - 1965 Lord Deliver Me
13. The Daytonians - 1966 - Mercy Lord
14. Kansas City Melodyaires - 1966 - Softly The Night Is Falling
15. The Gospel Chimes - 1967 - Miss Me
16. The Salem Travelers - 1968 - Crying Pity And A Shame
17. Gloria Griffin - 1968 - I Know I Love Jesus
18. The East St. Louis Gospelettes - 1970 - Soon I Will Be Done
19. Ken Christie & The Sunday People - 1971 - Jesus Is The Key
20. The Williams Brothers - 1972 - He's Alright
21. Marion Gaines Singers - 1972 - Grandma's Hands
22. Judy Clay & Booker T & The MG's - 1972 - Children Don't Get Weary
23. Amnesty - 1973 - Lord Help Me
24. Phil Flowers & The United Family - 1973 - Fire, Fire
25. The Loving Sisters - 1973 - Try Again

(MP3 @ 320kbs unless otherwise noted)

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Use What You Got!

Don't let the name fool you, Sugar Pie DeSanto is not a sweet and sappy soul singer as the name may infer. Seductive, gutsy, gritty and never too far off from the blues ... with fiery passion, poetic wit and a thunderous delivery, Sugar Pie DeSanto was an R&B/Soul songstress supreme!

Sugar Pie cut her teeth with the Johnny Otis Revue in the mid 50's where she received her moniker. From 1957 to 1959 she recorded a handful of 45s backed by her husband Pee Wee Parnham's outfit, The Pee Wee Kingsley Band. She toured with The James Brown Revue in 1959/60. Sugar Pie and Pee Wee split soon after and she ventured on to Chess Records where she worked with some incredible artis and producers. It was there that she wrote, recorded and released her most prolific material (imo). In 1966 due to lack of charting though, her and Chess parted ways and for the next few years she released 45s with various labels before finding a lasting home with Jasman Records.

Use What You Got is a complete chronological Singles collection from 1957-1974.
59 sides, a good portion of which were recorded and released via Chess/Checker but also including her efforts with nearly a dozen other labels and of course, a few Unissued Chess tracks.

Hope you enjoy and as always, thanks to original uploaders.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Can You Top This?

Updated August 8, 2020:  Howard Tate was my favorite type of soul man, never too far removed (if at all) from that big Chicago blues beat but steeped in all sorts of hip swinging southern soul swagger, and a vocal range that could really make your head spin.

In the early 60s as a teen, Tate joined The Gainors, a Gospel/R&B vocal group (featuring the mighty Garnet Mimms) recording for Cameo and Mercury Records. After a few years with The Gainors Tate returned to his Philly home and from time to time would perform and tour with Bill Doggett. A couple years later Mimms introduced Tate to producer Jerry Ragovoy and the pair hit it off quite well. Working together with some NYC session heavyweights they recorded what could arguably be considered the best SoulBlues songs of all time. These sessions for Verve Records between 1966-1968 amounted to 9 singles and the 'Get It While You Can' LP. Most of this material charted well but for some reason despite the Tate/Ragovoy dynamic, Tate left Verve and between 1969-70 recorded a few singles and a second LP 'Howard Tate's Reaction' under the thumb of Lloyd Price and Johnny Nash for Turntable Records. In 1972 Tate and Ragovoy reunited for Tate's self titled LP released on Atlantic Records. Tate slowed down significantly after this release. A Single with Epic in 1974 and a final and fantastically soulful single on Tate's own short lived label in 1976 would mark the end of Tate's terrific run. Quitting music all together in the late 70s and selling securities in New Jersey and Philly well into the 80s. Tate then lost his teenage daughter in a house fire sending him into a downward spiral of alcohol/drug abuse and eventually homelessness. Believed by many, to be deceased for years. Cleaning his act up in the mid 90s, Tate began using his experience to council drug abusers and the mentally ill. Relaunching his recording career 2001-2003 with another Tate/Ragovoy reunion, a new studio album 'Rediscovered' was released. A couple more albums and live releases followed between 2002-2010. Tate passed away in late 2011.

Can You Top This? is a complete collection of Tate's work throughout the 60s and 70s and it includes all sides cut for Verve, Turntable, Atlantic and Epic, among others. There's all three albums ... Get It While You Can (1967), Howard Tate's Reaction (1970), Howard Tate (1972) and as an added bonus I've included the complete Gainors collection. Specific updates include a much improved version of the Reaction album, plus improved quality and corrected cataloging on a majority of the singles. All files are chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. Enjoy and thanks to original uploaders.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

My Party

Mitty Collier's secular discography bears many similarities to the woman herself ... short, sweet yet immensely powerful. She was singing and touring with The Hayes Ensemble and The Lloyd Reese Singers as a teenager then took to singing secular R&B at club gigs to put herself through college towards the late 50s. In 1959 she won a talent contest in Chicago that span 6 weeks and was awarded an opening slot for BB King and Etta James which then brought on the attention of Chess Records. Mitty signed with the label in 1961 and released her most prolific and abundant work with Chess. 15 singles and the appropriately titled LP 'Shades Of A Genius' in 1965. In 1968 Mitty left Chess and resurfaced the following year on Peachtree Records where she cut 5 more singles over the course of a couple years. In 1971 she developed polyp's on her vocal cords and lost her voice. Soon after Mitty found her way back to the lord and when her voice returned she returned to music strictly singing Gospel. She released a few albums through out the 70s and 80s, became an ordained preacher in the late 80s and has been involved in and spearheaded a number of church/community related outreach programs and received several humanitarian awards for these efforts.

My Party focuses on Mitty's secular years only. Included here is the complete singles collection ... the 15 with Chess, the 5 with Peachtree, the 1 with Entrance and 6 unissued tracks. Plus I've included the Shades Of A Genius LP which has a few tracks not released as singles.

*Note* The quality and original bitrate of some source files range in the Singles collection (though most were FLAC and WAV) but I ran them through Audacity to clean them up a bit and bring levels closer together. all files were exported at 320kbs. Feel free to contribute a better version of any track on here if you have one.

Hope you enjoy, big thanks to original uploaders.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Gusto's Groovy Gumbo Volume 20

01. The Idols - 1961 - Just A Little Bit More
02. The Adorables - 1963 - Baby Come & Get It
03. Baby Washington - 1963 - I've Got A Feeling
04. Jackie Shane - 1963 - Comin' Down
05. Little Nicky Soul - 1964 - I Wanted To Tell You
06. The Blossoms - 1965 - That's When The Tears Start
07. Esther Phillips - 1966 - When A Woman Loves A Man
08. Mattie Moultrie - 1966 - That's How Strong My Love Is
09. Ray Lewis - 1967 - Getting Over You
10. The Falcons - 1967 - I Can't Help It
11. Mary Jane Hooper - 1968 - I Feel A Hurt
12. Etta James - 1968 - Fire
13. The Inclines - 1969 - The Atlanta Boogaloo
14. The Peggy & Jo Jo Review Band - 1970 - Right On Brother! Right On (192kbs)
17. Raelettes - 1971 - Leave My Man Alone
15. The Voices Of East Harlem - 1970 - Gotta Be A Change
16. Charles Mintz - 1970 - Give A Man A Break (192kbs)
17. Raelettes - 1971 - Leave My Man Alone
18. Clarence Reid - 1971 - You Got To Fight
19. Ted Taylor - 1971 - Can't Take No More
20. Johnny Adams - 1973 - I Dont Worry Myself
21. Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - 1973 - The Trouble With Trouble
22. The Patrick Adams Initiative - 1973 - Kings & Queens
23. Mary Gresham - 1973 - Use Me
24. Sound Experience - 1974 - Step People
25. Gwen McCrae - 1974 - Your Love Is Worse Than A Cold Love
26. The Isley Brothers - 1974 - Ain't I Been Good To You (Part 1 & 2)
27. Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media - 1975 - Funky Stuff

(MP3 @ 320kbs unless otherwise noted)


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Taylor Made

Here's one I've been sitting on for a while now. In fact, this is my very first effort at a rare Discography collection that I posted on TZ last year but was alerted that I was still missing a track. Said track was provided by another kind soulie. I added to my collection and re-tagged but I never got around to posting it ... until now that is.

Gloria Ann Taylor was a stunner from the start. Suffering from rheumatic fever as a child, she was not expected to live into adulthood. She took up singing in her early 20s simply as a means to make ends meet for her family but was discovered by Walter Whisenhunt shortly after. He produced, managed and even married Gloria. These two were a power pair of epic proportions. The introductory singles for King Soul could certainly be considered standard fare (with Gloria's flare) for that time. However, in 1969 as the soul/funk scene was really exploding and moving in experimental directions, the couple moved on to Silver Fox Records and Whisenhunt started to really challenge Taylor with more complex arrangements and songs that showcased her wealth of vocal range. These recordings earned Taylor a Grammy nomination. Into the early 70s Whisehunt really embraced the P-Funk era, layering gritty fuzz laden guitars, exotic percussion, vocal effects, soaring strings and harmonies to create a wall a sound that was finally worthy of Taylor's abilities. The couple moved to California in 73 and recorded with Columbia Records though Whisenhunt terminated their contract due to a lack of releases by the label. The repercussions of this though were the beginning of the end unfortunately. A lack of charting and label interest in these unique compositions essentially ended Gloria's career, the marriage didn't last much longer. Returning to her home in Toledo, Gloria sang at her local church and never recorded or performed again professionally. With the bulk of her material falling into obscurity and I suspect a fair amount never seeing the light of day due to the issues with Columbia it's a little surprising that a re-issued collection (Love Is A Hurtin' Thing) was released a few years ago. It even prompted Gloria to announce a return to the stage but sadly she passed late last year before that came to fruition. The re-issued collection is top notch in ways of production and restoration but it falls incredibly short in the inclusion department and only has about half the available recordings. So without further ado, may I present ...

Gloria Ann Taylor - Taylor Made (Discography 1968-74)

01. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - Poor Unfortunate Me
02. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - You Might Need Me Another Day
03. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - Born A Woman
04. Gloria Taylor - 1968 - Do Your Duty
05. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - You Got To Pay The Price
06. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Loving You And Being Loved By You
07. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Grounded [Part 1]
08. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Grounded [Part 2]
09. Gloria Taylor - 1969 - Grounded [Full Version]
10. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Freedom
11. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Yesterday Will Never Come Again
12. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Unyielding
13. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Brother Less Than A Man
14. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1970 - Blue Glass Bubbles
15. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1971 - Don't Want To Be A Girl That Cries
16. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1971 - Total Disaster
17. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Deep Inside Of You [7" Version]
18. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - World That's Not Real
19. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - What I Want
20. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Burning Eyes
21. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - What's Your World
22. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Had It All The Time
23. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Jolene
24. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Music
25. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing [7" Version]
26. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1973 - How Can You Say It
27. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1974 - Deep Inside Of You [12" Version]
28. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1974 - What's Your World [12" Version]
29. Gloria Ann Taylor - 1974 - Love Is A Hurting Thing [12" Version]

MP3 @ 320kbs (Label Info tagged in files)

As always ... thank you to original uploaders. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Times Have Changed

Why Irma Thomas isn't a household name along side the likes Aretha and Etta is absolutely beyond my comprehension!

With a recording/performing legacy now spanning well over 50 years, Irma Thomas is an absolute legend in my books. Singing since a child with her church choir and charting quite well with her first recordings for Ronn Records, her career was off to a promising start that stayed the course through to the late 60's. Although eventually being regarded as the soul Queen of New Orleans with the catalog to back it up she spent a large part of the 70s in obscurity on the west coast releasing works on small labels before returning to limelight and the NOLA community near the tail of the decade, where she still lives to this day. Irma is my go to for the sophisticated soul ballad. I often tend to stray from soul compositions with such pop sensibilities but her keen knack for the crafting and conveying of cautionary tales blows my hair back every time. Even in her earliest recordings she seems wise beyond her years. I guess having 4 kids and going through 2 husbands by the age of 20 will do that. A lifetime of experience in itself, it's no wonder that her career has lasted another whole lifetime.

Times Have Changed is a tribute to this songstress supreme and comes in 2 parts ...

Part 1 - The LPs: includes the first pair 60s Imperial LPs and the '73 Fungus LP plus my personal favorite ... the complete* reissued Muscle Schoals Sessions circa '67 and the recently unearthed lost LP never issued by Cotillion Records circa '72. All ripped @ 320kbs
*most MSS'67 rips out there seem to be missing either track 1, 7, 12 or 14. not this one!

Part 2 - The 45s: includes her complete and chronological Singles collection from 1960-1981, a pair of unissued Imperial recordings and a pair of unissued Chess recordings. All ripped @ 320kbs

As always ... thank you to original uploaders. Enjoy!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Gusto's Groovy Gumbo Volume 19

01. Diamond Joe - 1961 - Moanin' & Screamin' (Part 1 & 2)
02. Sugar Pie DeSanto - 1962 - Strange Feeling
03. The Tonettes - 1962 - No Tears
04. The Trinkets - 1963 - Nobody But You
05. Oscar Perry - 1961 - The Rest Of My Life
06. Jimmy Hughes - 1964 - I Tried To Tell You
07. Roscoe Robinson - 1965 - What Makes A Man Do Wrong
08. Aretha Franklin - 1967 - Hands Off
09. Tina Britt - 1967 - He Put The Hurt On Me
10. Carl Hall - 1968 - The Dam Busted
11. Willie Hutch - 1969 - Keep On Doin' What You Do
12. Little Ann - 1969 - Going Down A One Way Street (alt.)
13. Shirley Vaughn - 1969 - Escape (192kbs)
14. Earl Van Dyke - 1969 - Runaway Child, Running Wild
15. Brothers Unlimited - 1970 - Who's For The Young
16. Antonio Castro - 1971 - W.E.L.F.A.R.E.
17. The Vibrations - 1972 - The Man
18. Fontella Bass - 1972 - Talking About Freedom (256kbs)
19. S.O.U.L. - 1972 - Peace Of Mind
20. 21st Century - 1973 - If The Shoe Fits, Wear It
21. Universal Jubilaires - 1973 - Childhood Days
22. Phil Flowers & His United Family - 1973 - Fire, Fire
23. Felt - 1971 - World
24. Julius Brockington - 1972 - Rock Steady

(MP3 @ 320kbs unless otherwise noted)


Saturday, 3 March 2018

Do Right Man

R&B, deep soul, straight blues ...
pick your poison and Sam Baker could be your Do Right Man either way, every damn time! In just under a decade he did it all and he did it quite well. Here we have his complete output between 1960 and 1969, admittedly a good 2/3 of this collection is available on the easily accessible I Believe In You compilation featuring the bulk of his work on Sound Stage 7 Records but the real gold here is in his early cuts with Athens, Hermitage, Copa, his poppy duet with Nancy Cohen on Hit Records, an unissued track from that time and the later one-off with Hollywood Records in 1968 which is just fantastic! All tracks in chronological order, mp3 @ 320kbs and release info tagged in files. Enjoy

Do Right Man (Discography 1960-69)

Check It Out

If you don't know Otis Clay you don't know nothing 'bout soul!

This deep soul balladeer could belt em out better than the best of em, he set a standard for the rest of em and though never really getting the praise he deserved, he definitely was a revered soul man! A 45 soul man for the bulk of his best years. Between 1965 and 1978 he cranked out nearly 30 of them (on a couple handfuls of labels) while only releasing 2 studio LPs with Hi Records. He went on recording and releasing full lengths and a plethora of live and collaboration albums throughout the 80s, 90s and up until his death just a couple years ago but I'm personally all about the glory days so that's what this collection focuses on. Check It Out (much like my Vibrations post) is a tribute to an artist that has deeply moved me with their music.

Part 1: The Singles Collection: A chronological collection of A's and B's from not just the One-Derful and Hi Records catalog but also the obscure Cotillion, Echo and Kayvette releases, the rarer oddballs and one-offs scattered amid and a total of 9 unreleased tracks.

Part 2: The LP Collection: The fore mentioned Hi Records releases from '73 and '77 and 2 on Victor Records ... the incredible Live LP '78 and The Only Way Up '82 (though most of these songs were recorded 77-79)

*Note* The quality and original bitrate of some source files range in the Singles collection but I ran them through Audacity to clean them up a bit and bring levels closer together. all files were exported at 256kbs. Feel free to contribute a better version of any track on here if you have one. The LPs are varied bitrates ... 192kbs, 256kbs and 2 at 320kbs.

Hope you enjoy, big thanks to original uploaders.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Gusto's Groovy Gumbo Volume 18

01. Carolyn Franklin - 1969 - I Don't Want To Lose You
02. The Fantastic Four - 1970 - You Turn Me Around
03. Mitty Collier - 1968 - You're Living A Lie
04. Johnny Copeland - 1966 - Ghetto Child
05. Earl Gaines - 1966 - The Best Of Luck To You
06. Billy Dearborn - 1968 - Friday's Child
07. Lady Fox & Foxettes - 1962 - It Must Be Love (192kbs)
08. The Falcons - 1965 - I Found A Love (Ext. Outtake)
09. Lee Calvin - 1967 - You Got Me
10. The Orlons - 1963 - My Best Friend (Not Me)
11. Pat Lundy - 1963 - It's Rainin' Outside
12. J.J. Barnes - 1960 - Won't You Let Me Know
13. The Monitors - 1965 - I'm In Love With You Baby
14. Bessie Banks - 1964 - You Should Have Been A Doctor (192kbs)
15. Floyd Morris - 1968 - A Mellow Mood
16. Syl Johnson - 1968 - I Feel An Urge
17. William Bell - 1971 - All For The Love Of A Woman
18. Denise LaSalle - 1973 - Breaking Up Somebody's Home
19. Sharon Cash - 1973 - Dead Alive
20. The 5th Dimension - 1974 - My Song
21. The JB's - 1975 - Transmograpfication
22. Zulema - 1975 - Standing In The Back Row Of Your Heart
23. Joe Simon - 1975 - It Be's That Way Sometimes
24. Southside Movement - 1973 - I've Been Watching You
25. The Salem Travelers - 1974 - Games People Play
26. Betty Wright - 1973 - If You Think You've Got Soul
27. Exit 9 - 1975 - Rhapsody In Funk

(MP3 @ 320kbs unless otherwise noted)