Friday, 5 March 2021

GGG Presents Goodie Grab Bags Volume 54

Here we have two terrific vocal groups out of Texas; The Van Dykes and The Commands. Also, I added a bakers dozen of fresh re-ups, and a reminder to access comps via the Quick Fix!

The Van Dykes - Discography 1965-67 [15sides]

01. The Van Dykes - 1965 - No Man Is An Island (Hue CSP-6500) (Mala 520)
02. The Van Dykes - 1965 - I Won't Hold It Against You (Hue CSP-6500) (Mala 520)
03. The Van Dykes - 1966 - I've Got To Go On Without You (Mala 530)
04. The Van Dykes - 1966 - What Will I Do (If I Lose You) (Mala 530)
05. The Van Dykes - 1966 - Never Let Me Go (Mala 539)
06. The Van Dykes - 1966 - I've Got To Find A Love (Mala 539)
07. The Van Dykes - 1966 - You Need Confidence (Mala 549)
08. The Van Dykes - 1966 - You're Shakin' Me Up (Mala 549)
09. The Van Dykes - 1967 - A Sunday Kind Of Love (Mala 566)
10. The Van Dykes - 1967 - I'm So Happy (Mala 566)
11. The Van Dykes - 1967 - Hey Mr. Lonesome (Unissued Mala)
12. The Van Dykes - 1967 - I'm For Real Baby (Unissued Mala)
13. The Van Dykes - 1967 - Save My Love For A Rainy Day (Mala 584)
14. The Van Dykes - 1967 - Tears Of Joy (Mala 584)
15. The Van Dykes - 1967 - Doin' The Best I Can (Unissued Mala)

The Commands - Discography 1966-68 [12sides]

01. The Commands - 1966 - Hey It's Love (Dynamic 104) (Back Beat 570)
02. The Commands - 1966 - No Time For You (Dynamic 104) (Back Beat 570)
03. The Commands - 1966 - Don't Be Afraid To Love Me (Dynamic 111)
04. The Commands - 1966 - Around The Go-Go (Dynamic 111)
05. The Commands - 1966 - Chain Gang (Dynamic 114)
06. The Commands - 1966 - Must Be Alright (Dynamic 114)
07. The Commands - 1968 - I've Got Love For My Baby (Dynamic 123)
08. The Commands - 1968 - Too Late To Cry (Dynamic 123)
09. The Commands - 1968 - A Way To Love Me (Dynamic 123 alt press)
10. The Commands - 196? - Only Lovers (Unissued)
11. The Commands - 196? - L.A. Is Where It's Happening (Unissued)
12. The Commands - 196? - Puppets (Unissued)

Thursday, 25 February 2021

GGG Presents Metamorphic Malfunktions Vol. 04

Just added a dozen or so re-ups!!!

Now, back to brass tacks. Have yourselves a wonderfully funky weekend friends, enjoy.

01. Tony Ssenkebejje w. The Cranes - 1975 - What's Love (The Cranes TCR 7-07)
02. Oliver Sain - 1974 - Blowing For Love (Abet LP 406)
03. Con Funk Shun - 1974 - Clique (Fretone 009)
04. California Gold Notes - 197? - W.B. 302 (Aduwa 350)
05. Darker Shades Ltd. - 1972 - Tracking Down Jody [Part 2] (ARC 7241)
06. Charlie Whitehead - 1973 - Let's Do It Again [Parts 3 + 4] (Fungus ‎LPFB 25145)
07. Dickie Goodman - 1973 - Friends (Rainy Wednesday 202)
08. The Meters - 1970 - Britches (Josie LP JOS-4012)
09. Sound Experience - 1971 - Blow Your Mind (Philly Soulville 1423)
10. Rosetta Hightower - 1971 - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Rediffusion LP ZS 88)
11. Harvey Scales - 1969 - Trackdown (Magic Touch 2077)
12. Soul East - 1969 - Funky Lady [Part 1] (DeLuxe 108)
13. Soul East - 1969 - Funky Lady [Part 2] (DeLuxe 108)
14. Soul Machine - 1968 - Bag Of Goodies (Pzazz 021)
15. Booker T. Averheart - 196? - Heart 'n Soul (Soultex 1933)
16. Tommy Bush - 1967 - I Don't Like It (But I Love You) (Rika 108)
17. Kashmere Stage Band - 1970 - Thank You (Kram LP-102)
18. Free Soul - 1973 - (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind (GSF LPS-1009)
19. Illinois Connection - 197? - Po Boy's Dream (Unissued)
20. Hetti Lloyd - 1972 - Grief, Sorrow, Pain And Woe (Pride 1014)


Sunday, 21 February 2021

I'm So Glad I Found You

Despite pointing it out in 2 of the last 4 postings, people are still requesting compilation re-ups. Well, if you can't be bothered to read what I write, all I can say is too bad for you. For the rest of you, the remaining anthologies have been added and I've also recently re-upped a few collections, including the complete Master-Class series (Sam, Curtis, Aretha and the Big O) from last year and the heavily requested Delfonics discography, among others. Enjoy.

Now, moving on...

It's difficult to determine whether it was pure happenstance or perhaps, by some strange design, but for over a decade, The Diplomats (later known as Skull Snaps) were leaps and bounds ahead of the pack, yet managed to fly completely under the radar. The core of the group recorded under nearly half a dozen different monikers though retained The Diplomats name for the majority of their career. Originally from Washington DC though during the 60s, they recorded primarily out of NYC where they were an 'in-demand' backing group for a number of the city's best labels. 

The Diplomats were a trio from Washington, D.C. whose early origins go back to 1958 and a quintet named Tiny Tim & the Hits. Formed by William Collier, Thomas Price, Lionel Brown, Orlester Smith, and Howard "Timothy" Wilson, the group had a pair of singles on Roulette: "Wedding Bells" and "Golden Moments". Nearly five years passed before Collier resurfaced with Samuel Culley and Ervan Waters as the Diplomats on Arock Records. The tight-harmony trio remake of "Unchained Melody" was the first single, and they got their foot halfway through the door with their second single, "Here's a Heart" (October 1963). A fourth Arock single, however, took them back to square one. On to Wand Records in 1965 for two singles that also failed to go, before a one-off on Minit Records in 1966, "Honest to Goodness." Whether for contractual reasons or simply change, the trio's next single, "Right or Wrong," (on Fat Back), was credited to the Four Puzzles (Thomas Price from the Tiny Tim & the Hitmaker's days had come onboard). A second Fat Back recording, "My Sweet Baby," was released in February 1968 and credited simply to Puzzles after Collier left. Constantly changing names, the trio's first (of six) Dynamo singles, "Hard to Get," was credited to Sam, Erv & Tom. For the next five singles, including Herb Rooney's (L.A. Reid's father) "I Can Give You Love," they were the Diplomats again. It made no difference what they called themselves, as nothing was clicking on a national level. During their Dynamo stay, they accompanied (uncredited) Tony Drake on the singers Musicor and 3rd World recordings. A few years on in 1973, with George Kerr handling the productions, the Diplomats became the Skull Snaps who many think were a funk band. Newcomer George Bragg joined Culley and Waters for their recordings on Lloyd Price's GSF label. GSF issued three singles and a much sought-after album that year. Early in 1975 a final single on Grill Records, "Ain't That Lovin' You," surfaced and it's even scarcer than the GSF tracks. ~ Andrew Hamilton [allmusic]

I'm So Glad I Found You gathers this incredible group's complete recordings in one place. Including unissued cuts, the rare sides as by The Four Puzzles/The Puzzles, All Dyrections, and of course, the complete Skull Snaps recordings. All files chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. Thanks to original uploaders, enjoy.

Sunday, 14 February 2021

GGG Presents Glucose For Comfort Vol. 03

I promise to drop a tasty discography next time out, but thought this latest installment of Glucose For Comfort might make a nice little treat for the lovers in the house. <3

GGG Presents Glucose For Comfort Vol. 03

01. The Ambassadors - 1969 - I Really Love You (Arctic 147) (Arctic LPS 1005) [mono]
02. Tony Mason - 1966 - Lovely Weekend (RCA Victor 8938) [mono]
03. The Chantels - 1966 - It's Just Me (Verve 10435) [mono]
04. The Five Stairsteps - 1967 - World Of Fantasy (Windy C. LP WC-6000)
05. Jean & Joe - 1968 - You're All I Need (Dot 17177) [mono]
06. Freddie Scott - 1970 - Girl I Love You (Probe LP CP-4517-S)
07. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - 1973 - I'm Weak For You (P.I.R. LP KZ-32407)
08. Detroit Emeralds - 1972 - Take My Love (Westbound LP WB 2013)
09. The Choice Four - 1974 - If I Don't Love You (RCA Victor LP APL1-0643)
10. 100% Pure Poison - 1974 - Don't Let Your Pride, Overpower Your Love (EMI LP INS-3001)
11. Philly Devotions - 1975 - We're Gonna Make It (Columbia 3-10143)
12. Martha Reeves - 1976 - Love Strong Enough To Move Mountains (Arista LP AL-4105)
13. The Dynamics - 197? - Let's Start All Over (Unissued Black Gold)
14. Tavares - 1975 - In The Eyes Of Love (Capitol LP ST-11396) (Capitol 4184)
15. Rhythm Makers - 1974 - How Much I Love You (Vigor 1714)
16. The Futures - 1972 - Love Is Here (Gamble ZS7 2502)
17. Earth, Wind & Fire - 1971 - I Think About Lovin' You (Warner Bros. LP WS 1958)
18. Arthur Conley - 1969 - Take A Step (Atco LP SD 33-276)
19. Jesse James - 1968 - I'll Always Love You (20th Century Fox LPS-3197) [mono]
20. Patti LaBelle & Bluebelles - 1967 - I Need Your Love (Atlantic 2446) [mono]


Thursday, 11 February 2021

GGG Presents New Recipes Volume 06

History won't be kind to the year 2020 so I'm gonna start 2021 (albeit a bit late) remembering some of the few highlights .... the New Recipes series has appeared to find a fairly faithful fanbase here, and it should. Like the original GGG series, it pulls from the widest range of styles. Sweet Soul, Deep Soul, Northern Soul, Southern Soul, Rhythm n Blues, DooWop, Funk and more can be heard with each installment. But my favorite component of these particular compilations is the gradient blend of new and old blood. When experience meets enthusiasm, inspiring and exciting things can happen. Enjoy!

01. Ghost Funk Orchestra - 2020 - Korban Olah [instro]
02. Funky Destination - 2020 - Silver Fire [inst]
03. Orgone - 2020 - The Truth
04. Pete Rock & The Soul Brothers - 2020 - Heavy [inst]
05. Lee Fields & The Expressions - 2020 - Time
06. The Everettes - 2020 - This Is True
07. Old School Funky Family - 2020 - Bûche [inst]
08. Quinn DeVeaux - 2020 - Trouble
09. Speedometer - 2020 - Mo' Crunch [inst]
10. Jason Joshua & The Beholders - 2020 - I Don't Care
11. Abby Girl & The Real Deal - 2020 - Hurt Me
12. Fusion Funk Foundation - 2020 - Power Of The Soul [inst]
13. Maceo Parker - 2020 - Grazing In The Grass [inst]
14. The Society Hill Orchestra - 2020 - How Can I
15. Sonny Green - 2020 - If You Want Me To Keep Loving You
16. Mica Paris - 2020 - The Struggle
17. Funky Butt Brass Band - 2020 - Brassroots [inst]
18. Bastards Of Soul - 2020 - If These Walls Could Talk
19. Don Bryant - 2020 - A Woman's Touch
20. Tragic City - 2020 - Grease The Track [inst]
21. Black Market Brass - 2020 - N.B.T. [inst]

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

No! No! No!

Good news folks! I will soon be picking up where I left off. However, moving forward from here on out, I will be doing things a little differently. 

I love making compilations, tailoring these archival collections, sourcing the material and finding the information for the bio's. I do this for me, and only share because I know it would be a shame not to. I don't really enjoy being a 'blogger' or the additional time that come with it. So, in an effort to minimalize the time I spend chained to the computer, I'll be cutting every possible corner in the facilitation process. Begin to think of this place as more like a bulletin board, and less like a blog.

No .... more requests or re-ups by request. You'll just have to keep your eye on the 'REDUX /// RE-UP' section on the sidebar and hope for the best. Don't hold your breath!

No .... more responding to comments of any kind. Maintaining comments is a distraction I don't need. I stopped publishing comments in the autumn and will continue to keep them completely private. If you have a Google Acct you can still technically comment but it will remain between us.

No .... apologies!!! It's my time, my blog bulletin board, my call. For more specifics about the way forward, please refer to THE FIRST PAGE on the sidebar.

With that said, I would like to say thank you to all the people who left words of kind sentiment in my absence and have been nothing but a positive presence on this site since your arrival. You all know who you are! Expect to see a new post within the week .... in the meantime, enjoy one of my Redux collections, the hidden gold of the Treasure Chest or take advantage of  the GroovyGumboComps (100+) Page that provides quick access to the complete Deep Dish DelicaciesO-O-O-O-Oh Yeah!, Darling Dear, New Recipes, the original Gusto's Groovy Gumbo and other compilation anthologies.

Monday, 21 December 2020

So So So!

Now, I don't plan on returning in my usual capacity until well into the new year and I don't go in for the whole Christmas thing in general. However, I am a fan of re-gifting so I've gathered together most of the compilations I've already shared here, re-upped them and wrapped them into neat little bundles that you can find under the tree (and by tree, I mean quick fix on the sidebar). 

                So So So ... happy holidays, stay drunk and keep your chimney clean!

Friday, 6 November 2020

      taking a break folks, back next month or maybe next year.

Friday, 30 October 2020

GGG Presents Glucose For Comfort Vol. 02

Tis the season for sweets so dig into this. Also, grab the Little Mitlon [REDUX] collection and other recent re-ups at the side-bar. Most include additional material and altered tracklisting.

01. Tyrone Davis - 1970 - I Keep Coming Back (Dakar LP SD 9027)
02. The Impressions - 1969 - Say You Love Me (Curtom 1946)
03. Con Funk Shun - 1972 - Without Your Love (51 West LP Q16106)
04. John Gary Williams - 1972 - In Love With You (Stax STA-0146)
05. Blue Magic - 1974 - Talking To Myself (Atco LP SD 36-103)
06. The Moments - 1975 - I Feel So Good Again (Stang LP ST-1026)
07. The Diddys w. Paige Douglas - 1977 - I Love You Baby [alt outtake] (Unissued Bam-Buu)
08. Turner Bros. - 1975 - I Remember (MB LP 5104N7)
09. Directions - 1976 - If You Ever (Brunswick ‎BLP 754209)
10. The Temprees - 1974 - Your Love (Is All I Need) (We Produce LP XPS-1905)
11. The Eight Minutes - 1972 - Oh Yes I Do (Perception PLP 027)
12. The Dontells - 1971 - I Can't Wait (Ambassador A3KM 3346)
13. The Victones - 1970 - I Need You So (Front Page 1001)
14. The Delfonics - 1970 - Baby I Love You (Philly Groove LP 1153)
15. Arthur Conley - 1968 - Put Our Love Together (Atco LP SD 33-243)
16. The Mad Lads - 1966 - Come Closer To Me (Volt 135)
17. Joy-Tones - 1965 - This Love (That I'm Giving You) (Coed 600)
18. The Casinos - 1967 - Talk To Me (Fraternity FLP-1019)
19. The Spinners - 1969 - Tomorrow May Never Come (Motown LP 639)
20. The Intruders - 1968 - Good For Me Girl (Gamble LP SG 5004)


Saturday, 24 October 2020

The Price I Have To Pay

Earlier this year when I posted my Willie Clarke project, I would have surely allocated some high praise for his one time partner in song writing and production, Clarence Reid. Much like the other artists featured this month, Reid was in a league entirely of his own. However, in stark contrast to, perhaps The Staple Singers especially, this was in large part due to his lewd, loud and audacious alter-ego, Blowfly. As Blowfly, Reid not only invented rap in the early 70s, but influenced nearly every artist along the road to its actualization, nearly a decade and a half later. By the late 70s Reid completely ceased to release music under his own name and committed in full to the Blowfly persona, cementing a career that brought him 40 years of moderate success. I personally don't care for Blowfly and cherish the early treasures of Reid's days with Deep City Records. His own recordings in the 60s rarely received a lot of acknowledgement while his compositions for ladies Helene Smith, Betty Wright and Gwen McCrae were considerably more successful. Once Reid (and Clarke} turned their song creating talents over to Henry Stone, they curated what would become the unmistakable Miami soul/funk sound that would eventually usher in disco.

Clarence Henry Reid was born in Cochran, Georgia, in 1939 and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in his adolescence. His stage name was given to him by his grandmother who he would visit in Georgia occasionally. During this time, Reid would make explicit parodies of the country music that was popular on the airwaves in Cochran then, prompting his grandmother to brand him a "blowfly". Reid's earliest recordings were in 1963 with vocal group The Demiras. Several more singles followed on various labels before Reid connected with Willie Clarke, Johnny Pearsall and the Deep City crew, eventually bringing the Reid/Clarke partnership to Henry Stone's T.K Records. Through this partnership Reid created his own label while he wrote for and produced artists including Betty Wright, Sam & Dave, Gwen McCrae, Jimmy "Bo" Horne, Bobby Byrd, KC & The Sunshine Band, among many others. Reid wrote sexually explicit versions of hit songs for fun but only performed them for his friends at parties or in the studio. In 1972, he along with a band of studio musicians, recorded a whole album of these songs under the name Blowfly. The album, The Weird World of Blowfly, features Reid dressed as a low-rent supervillain on its cover. He created this alter ego to protect his career as a songwriter, and continued to perform in bizarre costumes as his Blowfly character and record sexually explicit albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Reid claimed to be one of the first artists to perform in a mask, and transitioned from a "tuxedo like Dracula" or a "buttless" Clint Eastwood inspired outfit, to the spandex suits that he is now known for in response to public demand. The albums were widely popular as "party records". The explicit version of his song "Rapp Dirty" (a.k.a. "Blowfly's Rapp") helped the album Blowfly's Party reach No. 26 on Billboard Magazine's black albums chart and No. 82 on the Billboard Top 200 in 1980. Blowfly's profane style earned Reid legal trouble. He was sued by songwriter Stanley Adams, who was ASCAP president at the time, for spoofing "What a Diff'rence a Day Makes" as "What a Difference a Lay Makes". Reid's own compositions have been sampled by dozens of hip hop, R&B, and electronic artists (such as Beyonce, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Quik, DMX, Method Man & Redman, Main Source, DJ Shadow, Eazy-E, RJD2, Jurassic 5, Big Daddy Kane, Mary J. Blige, Brand Nubian, and the Avalanches) but Reid received almost no money from sampling due to signing away most of his royalties. In 2003, Blowfly sold the rights to his entire catalog after years of debt. The catalog was said to be worth millions of unpaid royalties. After 17 years of sporadic touring and occasional re-recording of his classic raps, Blowfly signed with Jello Biafra's independent record label Alternative Tentacles in 2005. Fahrenheit 69, the first album under the new contract, featured appearances from Slug of Atmosphere, King Coleman, Gravy Train, and Afroman. Blowfly's Punk Rock Party, a 2006 album release from Alternative Tentacles, features several punk rock classics given the Blowfly treatment—including a rewrite of the Dead Kennedys song "Holiday in Cambodia" recast as "R. Kelly in Cambodia", which features Biafra (the song's composer and original singer) playing a trial judge. The album also includes "I Wanna Be Fellated", "Gotta Keep Her Penetrated", "I Wanna Fuck Your Dog" and "Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho?". Blowfly completed his first tour of Australia in March 2007, and toured Germany with Die Ärzte in 2008. He performed at the 2010 Big Day Out music festival, held in Australia and New Zealand. The Weird World of Blowfly, directed by Jonathan Furmanski, premiered at South by Southwest in 2010 and received a wider release in September 2011. On January 12, 2016, Blowfly drummer "Uncle" Tom Bowker announced in a statement on the Blowfly Facebook page that Reid was suffering from terminal liver cancer and had been admitted to a hospice facility in Florida. According to Bowker, the singer would release his final LP – entitled 77 Rusty Trombones – in February 2016. Reid died on January 17, 2016, from cancer and multiple organ failure at the hospice facility in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, aged 76.

The Price I Have To Pay packs Clarence Reid's 4 full length albums alongside a near complete singles collection that includes some unissued material as well as Reid's recordings with Funky Party Band and The Nasty Dog Catchers. In an additional folder we have the first decade's worth of Blowfly's albums and a low res version of the 2010 documentary, The Weird World of Blowfly. All audio is chronicled, cleanly tagged and mp3 @ 320kbs. Thanks to original uploaders and the mighty Sir Shambling for some rare and improved versions. Enjoy.

Clarence Reid - 1972 - With Friends Like These (Who Needs Enemies) (Glades 1705) (Alston 4616)
Clarence Reid - 1972 - Two People In Love (Alston 4613)
Clarence Reid - 1979 - You Get Me Up (Alston 3748)